Take my 21 Day Challenge (Part 2 – 20 Personal Opportunities)

Yesterday I challenged you to do something significant in your business during this COVID-19 shutdown. What did you challenge yourself to do? There is time to complete the challenge even if you didn’t choose a challenge. Today I offer you 15 challenges for your personal life. But first, let’s revisit the challenge.

I challenge you to do something in the next 21 days that will significantly change your life. That’s right, let’s use this COVID-19 shutdown to be disruptive, in the right way. Let’s do something in the next 21 days that will make our lives significantly better.

Watch the short video challenge.

In this post we address the opportunity to do something great during a difficulty time. In our work lives, we may be . But we all have personal lives where we find most of our pleasure in life. Focusing on the positive alleviates the pain of this pandemic. Murfield Coaching helps Human Resources, managers, and executives alleviate the pain experienced by your team. This challenge may be a great exercise to engage your team in these difficult days. It may be what you need to maintain the mental health of your team.

Murfield Coaching works with clients to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. In our executive coaching, training, speaking, and mastermind sessions, we utilize 17 ways of thinking disruptively to shift paradigms and solve specific client problems.  What once was the road to impossible, is now possible. The primary problem facing organizations today is to find opportunities instead of scarcity in COVID-19 shutdown.

Choose one of the items on the list below or do something else. All that matters is that it is something significant that you have never done before. What challenge will you accept?

  1. Take up a new hobby
  2. Read an old, favorite book.
  3. Read a new book
  4. Write a short story
  5. Write a short book
  6. Record your story
  7. Write a screenplay
  8. Make a short movie
  9. Learn a new software
  10. Cook a new recipe
  11. Help someone everyday
  12. Connect with one old friend per day.
  13. Exercise 30 minutes every day
  14. Learn a new song
  15. Study a new topic
  16. Learn a new dance
  17. Play a new instrument
  18. Paint a portrait
  19. Learn a language
  20. Study a new subject (like art history, cultural movements, etc.)

Leave a comment on which challenge you accept.

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