Is this your breakthrough? Mind-shift Monday

Will this crisis be your breakthrough moment?

Mind Shift Monday features a powerful quote that sets the tone for a week of innovative thinking.

Murfield Coaching works with clients to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. In our executive coaching, training, speaking, and mastermind sessions, we utilize 17 ways of thinking disruptively to shift paradigms and solve specific client problems.  The primary problem facing organizations today is the addressing the Coronavirus and its worldwide reaction.

Tony Robbins recognizes that often our breakthrough moments come in a time of crisis. Something often needs to breakdown before we have the courage or intensity to push ourselves farther and higher.

But too often in the moment of crisis, we wilt. We give up just when our opportunity presents itself.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Use this breakdown to fuel your breakthrough with these three actions.

  • Change your paradigm. See opportunities instead of obstacles. Take the initiative to breakthrough your own barriers.
  • Ask the breakthrough question, “How can I help you today?” Too often we focus only on ourselves and miss the opportunity to build a following and a business by helping others.
  • Help solve their problems. Take the initiative to help others break through their barriers.

Contact us today. We want to help you solve your problem and break through in this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Blog Schedule (suspended to provide pertinent information to solve your problems during the COVID-19 shutdown.)

  • Mind Shift Monday features a powerful quote that sets the tone for a week of innovative thinking.
  • Thinking Bigger Tuesday expands on the topic and provides pillar content of innovative thinking.
  • Why Not Wednesday introduces you to books, articles and research that I have found useful in solving significant problems with innovative thinking.
  • Transformational Thursday explores a TED Talk on the topic of the week. These talks are likely taken from the ones I have featured in my TED Talk Think Tank mastermind for radical change over the last five years.
  • Far Out Friday features crazy ideas that just might lead to solving your persistent problem.

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Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

We work with leaders and organizations to solve significant problems with innovative thinking. What problem is frustrating you? Contact us today.

Two important books you should have on your shelf to solve Coronavirus problem are: “Making More Money in Tough Times” and “Now What? Secrets to Sensing and Seizing Opportunities When You Need it Most.”

Making More Money in Tough Times challenges leaders in corporate, small business and not-for-profits to shift paradigms to best anticipate market opportunities. The "rape, pillage, and plunder" approach of the "Manifest Destiny" still enamors some but the trend is clear, it is antiquated in the world of connection, collaboration and creation. Instead, the "Golden Rule" will drive nimble, disruptive innovators around the globe. Are you willing to accept the challenge and make the shift?

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