It’s Time to Think Bigger and Reach Higher

It’s time.

It’s time to think bigger and reach higher to resolve the racial tension.

It’s time for a little, no, a lot of compassion.

Murfield Coaching works to solve significant problems. One of the ways we solve the most serious problems, like racism, is with compassion. By coming alongside another to help them alleviate their pain, we reach higher and collaborate to do what we may have never thought possible.

It’s time, right now. We can’t afford to wait.

We’ve seen enough of the prejudice. We’ve definitely seen too much violence, destruction, and hate. It’s time for all of it to end.

It’s time to put a stop to bullies whatever color, occupation, or political view they hold.

It’s time to stop all the bullies. Bad cops. Rioters. Self-serving politicians. Corrupt business leaders. All they do is foster their own egos and foster division that festers into hate that breeds more hate. Hate NEVER solves serious problems. Hate is the sign of a stupid bully. It’s time to end this nonsense of bullying.

It’s time for each of us to notice the pain we cause when we foster elitism, favoritism, judgment, classism, or racism.

It’s time to see that prejudice, selfishness, and hate is not the sole property of one class or race. We are all at fault. We have all missed the mark. It’s going to take all of us to heal this wound.

It’s time to see that this pain of racism goes much deeper than the color of skin. It’s seen in the current hatred between “wear masks” and “My Rights” advocates. It’s seen in the Democrats and Republicans. We definitely see the hatred in our political leaders. (They won’t way it’s hatred but let’s call it what it is.) It’s often seen in the division between management and labor or owners and workers. It’s seen in any of the divisions in our country.

We can feel good about ourselves without putting another person down.

It’s time to feel the pain of those who suffer inequality. Take the time to understand and appreciate their frustration for being singled out, easily dismissed, or purposely targeted. Experience the injustice of arrogant people and policies from their perspective. Expose yourself by empathizing for those who you see as less fortunate, accomplished, and definitely in a lower social class.

It’s time to strategically plan the constructive action to alleviate that pain. It’s time for all of us to change our actions. Disruptive change starts inside each of us.

It’s time for leaders to do their jobs and to change the structure of our government policies. Instead of protecting their own power and prestige, they must carve out the equal ground. They must find a way to provide an equality of opportunity for all. That doesn’t mean a socialist or communist equality of results but each person having an equal chance to improve their lives and live in peace.

It’s time for action. We’ve heard enough of the discussions, promises, and preparation. As Nike says, “Just Do It!

It’s also time to stop the silence. It’s not “their” problem. It’s all of us. No one is immune. We all foster some type of egotistical “one up man ship.” It’s time for humility.

It’s time we live with compassion. Feel the pain of others. Come alongside of them to help alleviate their pain. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. The racism. The riots. The inequality. The virus. Living in America. Yes, we are all in this together.

Isn’t it time?

It’s time to think “WE” not “THEY.”

That’s when we will begin healing the wounds.

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