5 Tips to Turn this Pandemic into Your Breakthrough Opportunity

This pandemic may be the perfect time to create your breakthrough opportunity.

You read that right.

This may be the very moment you have been waiting for.

Yes, I know you may have lost your job or suffered a huge setback. You may also be one of those not really affected by the shutdown. Either way, these turbulent times may be the best time to recognize and go after your ultimate, breakthrough idea.

The question I need to ask is, “Will you seize this opportunity? Or will you miss it?”

Here are 3 tips to help you recognize your breakthrough opportunity right now.

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Tip #1: Find Your Unique Value.

Each of us has something that sets us apart. It is a combination of our passion, perspective, and potential. That unique value may come from your natural or acquired ability. That value always helps others solve a particular problem.

What is your unique value?

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Tip #2: Identify Their Pain

It is great to know our value but we make money when others understand how we can help alleviate their pain.

Pain hurts and this pandemic has caused a lot of pain.

  • We hurt when we lose something we loved.
  • We hurt when we lose something we need now.
  • We hurt when we want something we currently do not have.
  • We hurt when we cannot figure out how to find what we want.
  • We hurt when we need guidance.
  • We hurt when we have a dream but cannot get to it.

To identify their pain, complete this sentence, “They need help with ________________________.”

How can you help alleviate that pain?

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Tip #3: Ask How You Can Help Them Now

The old scripture says that you do not have because you don’t ask. But let’s put a compassionate spin on that. You do not have because you have not asked how you can help them alleviate their pain.

The secret to this tip is what Zig Ziglar said.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Too many are selfishly asking for what they want and not what the other person needs. In the last post, we discussed how we need to ask 3 critical questions to solve significant problems. The last question focused on who we are willing to become to be successful.

Are you willing to ask others what they need?

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Tip #4: Do It

This may sound really crazy but many times we miss our opportunities because we didn’t follow through.


For some crazy reason we talk ourselves out of it.

  • “I don’t know how to do that.”
  • “What if I try to help and only make it worse?”
  • “Maybe they need someone much more accomplished that me.”
  • “Is that really going to help me?”
  • “I’m not sure I really want to help.”

Don’t discount your ability. Be willing to become what is needed to be successful right now and in the future. When you take that attitude, you will have the desire to learn.

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Tip #5: Recognize the Opportunity Now

I have to tell you, one of the things that irritate me most is when I miss a great opportunity. I also despise listening to people who get stuck on what they did wrong int he past. Maybe that irritates me so much because I’ve done it too much. I’m irritated at them because I’ve been irritated at myself.

Looking back can be very helpful, if when we look back and identify how we have been successful. In that analysis, we are identifying part of our unique value we spoke about in Tip #1. We also look back to identify similar scenarios that resemble the current situation. From there we can see our breakthrough opportunity hidden amidst the problems.

Notice the focus needs to be on the present and slightly into the future. That is where we find our breakthrough opportunities.

However, too many people look back and say

  • “I should have done . . .”
  • “I wished I would have . . .”
  • “If only I had a second chance.”

That’s like driving a car by always looking out the back window or in the rear-view mirrors.

Stop it. Keep looking ahead.

Avoid pining over missed opportunities. Stay in the moment. Focus on opportunities.

Is it that Simple?

I usually avoid easy answers to complex problems because most of the time, life does not work that simply. However, finding your breakthrough opportunity is actually fairly simple. Find your unique value. Identify their pain. Ask to help them. Deliver the results. Don’t pine for the past.

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