I did what others said was Impossible. How did I do it?

You can do more than you thought possible,

I know because I have.

Those that follow this blog and Murfield Coaching know that my purpose is to help individuals and organizations create their disruptive innovation, doing what many thought impossible. My post today is a personal example of what can happen when we apply these principles.

In this post we will examine how you and your team can do what you never thought possible and unleash the ultimate performance, production and profits.

Living Inside-Out

Most people live outside-in thinking the world is right-side up when it’s actually upside-down. When we learn to live inside-out, we turn our world right-side up and their world upside-down.

Most people work to do a J.O.B. (just over broke) for someone else. They do what others tell them they should be doing, how much they can do, and even how to do it. They live their lives to please someone else.

Notice how little motivation there is to do anything beyond the minimal standards.  No wonder so many people are content doing as little as possible. No wonder so few think bigger or reach higher.  No wonder so few surprise themselves and others by doing what they never thought possible.

Who wants to work for someone else to when there is no incentive? After all, what’s in it for me? That’s not really a selfish question. It’s a matter of finding your passion, changing your perspective, and realizing your potential.

 There must be something more.

When you know what you ultimately want and then decide to pursue that possibility, you realize so much more in life and work. Your potential increases as your passion grows.  

How frustrated are you with the limitations others place on you?


Please don’t think this is an arrogant post. I’m not bragging but simply sharing what I’ve done so you can see that you can also do far more than you imagine. You can definitely do far more than what others doubt you can.

For some time I’ve been writing about becoming a disruptive leader, someone who willingly challenges themselves to do what they once thought “impossible.” I’ve also written how you can lead a team to do more than they never thought possible.

Disruptive innovation, radical changes, and revolutionary transformations begin when we change our perspective. Many times it requires a paradigm shift. Changing our perspective so drastically that we operate from a totally different point of view. That new perspective provides a Launchpad for doing far more than we previously imagined.

Challenge yourself to shift until you see a new perspective.


A few posts back, I asked three important questions, “Who have you been?” “Who have you become?” and “Who are you willing to become?”

Our identity often is grounded in who we have been. Many believe the past dictates the future and who they were in the past is who they will be in the future. Some believe that is being authentic.

I challenge that mindset.

Authenticity is extremely valuable but are you honestly the same person you were 5, 10 or 20 years ago? I hope not because every day provides an opportunity to do and become more than we were when we got up that morning. Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

But I never used to believe that. Instead, like many others, I believed what those closest to me told me. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very positive. Listening to others squelched my passion, warped my perspective, and definitely limited my potential. Those voices kept reminding me what I was in the past and neglected who I had become and so they were oblivious to what I could become.

I wonder how many have had the same limiting experience.

Unfortunately many people live competitive lives, jockeying for position, thinking they are better than you or working to get better results. That’s living outside-in and thinking the world is right-side up when it is actually upside-down.

Most organizations operate firmly within this outside-in thinking. They believe the only way to succeed is the carrot and stick model of motivation. Enticing them with extrinsic rewards or punishment. That doesn’t work nearly as well as living inside-out.

Great things happen when we recognize who we have been and how those outside voices have shaped who we have become. Whether as an individual or an organization, great things happen when we recognize our real potential, not the limitations placed on us by others or by current frustrations.

Ask yourself, “Who have I been?” and “Who have I become?” but also, “Who do I want to become?”

The Revolutionary Change

We need to shift perspectives from outside-in to inside-out. Once we begin honoring our passions we begin seeing our unique value that unleashes potential we never imagined. That perspective leads to a new vision of what we know we want to become and how we can do far more than what “they” imagined.

Some years ago, after struggling with those outside-in voices for so many years, I rebelled. I had tried to play by the rules and listen to “them” only to be frustrated by the unfair rules they enforced. I realized I had a choice. Continue to try and succeed playing by “their” rules or create my own revolutionary transformation.

So I dropped out.

Just before the beginning of 2010, I dropped out of organizations that were not providing what they promised. I dropped out of their mindset and quit playing their games.  Sequestering myself for the next year, I changed my perspective and launched my identity into a new world. Great things happened.

I wrote 8 books that year.


I realized that I had a lot of knowledge and a valuable perspective that others needed to hear. By being left on the outside for so many years, I took the time to observe and think. When I finally appreciated myself, I realized there was a wellspring of value. Once I uncovered it, the success just kept coming.

But even then, the outside world wasn’t impressed. Some people cannot let go of the past because your limitations play into their story of success. They cannot let you succeed without rewriting their story and they definitely don’t want to do that.

So I continued watching and thinking, gradually earning respect by creating my own organizations and opportunities.

That last point was critical. Often our best opportunities are the ones we create, not the ones others provide.

As my success grew, so did my confidence. Then the balance began to shift in my favor because I was attracting new connections that appreciated my value. They didn’t experience that old perspective. Is it any wonder that is when the next round of manic success came with a flood of opportunities?  

In the spring and summer of 2020 we have all been shut down and limited by the pandemic. I’ve taken that opportunity to start 2 podcasts with a colleague. Since last November, I’ve published 8 books, 4 in the last four days. I’ve now written 21 books in 13 years. In March I wrote a movie short that we filmed two weeks ago and will premier next month. I’m finishing my 3rd play in the last 3 years. Also since November, I’ve run 2 half marathons and 2-15Ks. Oh yes, and I also turned 65.

Not bad, huh?

(Remember, I’m not bragging to boost my ego. I’m showing what’s possible when you think bigger and reach higher.)

Some would say that is “impossible.” They would argue I must be cheating or that my work isn’t very good. Those outside-in thinkers doubt the value of my work, asking, “Why write so many books? Why run? Why . . .?” Notice they are not asking the critical, disruptive questions, “What if I . . .?” “Why not?” While I’m enjoying manic success, they are being critical, trying to compete when I’m focused on collaborative success.

Do you think I care what the outside-in thinkers?

Of course I don’t. They are not reaching the success I am. If I had listened to them, where would I be right now?

We can do far more than they think we can if we learn to live inside-out.

How will you begin adopting that inside-out perspective today?

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