How can you foster your team’s breakthrough during this COVID-19 crisis?

Many are trying just to survive but maybe this is the perfect time make a breakthrough leap. Our Tuesday question is, “How can we offer more creativity without losing control of work?”

Murfield Coaching works with clients to solve significant problems with disruptive thinking. In our executive coaching, training, speaking, and mastermind sessions, we utilize 17 ways of thinking disruptively to shift paradigms and solve specific client problems.  The primary problem facing organizations today is the addressing the Coronavirus and its worldwide reaction.

In this post we look at 4 ways to break through the negativity to build camaraderie and collaboration for disruptive success.

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First, Make the Paradigm Shift

This pandemic isn’t simply a pause or a reset. Instead, it is at least a pivot , maybe a jump, or even a giant leap. Life going forward will operate on different assumptions than we did before COVID.

Do you believe that?

The biggest challenge your team has is thinking creatively and disruptively. That’s because most organizations have not fostered the ability to think beyond their marching orders. Obedience and compliance has been more important than thinking outside the box.

That’s understandable. Organizations foster uniformity to increase efficiency and productivity. They can’t have everyone feeling like they can do their own thing.

So how do we foster a paradigm shift while ensuring efficiency and productivity?

Leaders who communicate opportunities instead of obstacles create a positive culture. Focusing on obstacles creates tension, frustration, and defeat. But focusing on opportunities, possibilities, and success fosters hope, creativity, and a willingness to participate.

What are you communicating?

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Second, See the Possibilities

We all get excited when we begin to see what could be, especially in times of loss. The pandemic has taken a lot from many. When leaders help their team see that all is not lost and that there are many possibilities in the future, hope emerges and fuels energy.

Notice that there is no guarantee with possibilities. But also notice that there is a ray of hope. Sometimes that is all they need to maintain their forward movement. No guarantees. Simply a ray of hope generates the energy needed to keep progressing.

Could it be that communicating hope is the breakthrough role of a leader or manager in turbulent times?

Third, Empower Them

Rollo May, in his classic book, “Power and Innocence” (1972) defines power as “the ability to cause or prevent change.” (p. 100). Meanwhile, organizations have carefully assigned power at different levels in their efforts to facilitate the above mentioned efficiency and productivity. Lower tiered employees are limited in their power because the executives don’t see or appreciate how that power can be valuable. However, during turbulent times such as a pandemic or economic downturn, leaders are forced to consider what they have previously dismissed.

As a leader, stop and consider the hidden power your team possesses. Notice what motivates them. Notice what happens when they are motivated. Then notice what happens when you ask for their opinion or a solution to a problem that concerns them.

Most of us have far more power than we realize. Imagine what will happen in your team when you notice that hidden power.

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Fourth, Leverage Their Power

Once we have noticed the power our team currently possesses, we naturally want to direct it toward solving the problem. Unfortunately, too many organizations promote leaders who hoard and wield power. It is a zero-sum game for them. But that isn’t the case if fostered effectively. Leveraging power, helping your team best utilize their power, makes the leader look wise, strategic, and successful.

What kind of a leader would waste such a valuable resource? Leverage, don’t wield or hoard power.

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Simple but Effective

These four steps are fairly simple but represent a much different approach than many are accustomed to. All of us are conditioned to follow, even leaders. But to succeed in these difficult days requires we see the world differently. After all, we cannot do the same thing and expect better results when the rules of the game have changed.

Contact us today. We want to help you solve your problem and break through in this Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

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