Avoid This One Behavior to Make 2021 Your Breakthrough Year

As we look back at 2020, so many people are whining about 2020. They can’t wait for it to end.

Let’s quit whining and see the opportunities.

Granted, the pandemic cost far too many lives. I’m not dismissing that. I’m also not dismissing the sacrifice of healthcare workers. I’m also not dismissing those businesses that have closed and those employees who have been laid off. I feel their pain and we need to work tirelessly to help alleviate their pain.

But for the rest of us, the pandemic has been an excellent opportunity to do what we hadn’t considered or even thought possible. It has been an opportunity to learn and grow. I know because 2020 has been a banner year for me and others like me.

Those that follow me know that I help individuals and organizations become creative thinkers who welcome doing what others think is impossible.¬†Actually, most of my clients admit that they needed my help to start thinking outside of the proverbial box. To do that, we first must change our perspective. Let’s take a look at how we can do that as we close out 2020.

Stop Whining

Did we want to make those changes? No! We enjoy

  • Visiting family
  • Dining out
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Vacations
  • Social connections
  • Community worship
  • Our comfortable habits.

We don’t like wearing masks and social distancing. We don’t like being inconvenienced. We also don’t like the contentious arguments over real or fake, mask or no mask, government conspiracy, or wise caution.

We enjoy

  • Peace,
  • Freedom,
  • Trust,
  • Family, Friends, and Fun.

The pandemic violated each of those. It forced us out of our comfort, requiring us to adapt to circumstances that we didn’t want.

Yes, that stinks. But stop whining. It doesn’t do any good. In fact, whining limits the opportunities we can see and seize.

Change Your Perspective

So what did so many do?

They adapted.

Look how many people learned how to

  • Use Zoom
  • Work from home
  • Garden
  • Make bread
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument

Look at how businesses adapted.

  • Traditional businesses realized they can work virtually and still be productive.
  • Some businesses are realizing they can be even more profitable by reducing their footprint.
  • Employees eliminated a commute and are enjoying the extra time and money.
  • Restaurants reinvented themselves with take-out and curbside delivery.
  • Sports found a way to continue playing.
  • Musical artists have reached out to connect with fans and deliver online performances.
  • Churches have adapted cutting-edge ways to minister.
  • Medical researhcers, feeling the urgency, have collaborated to create vaccines in record time.
  • Even politicians had to learn a new way of campaigning.
  • We all had to learn a new way of voting.

So as we look back to 2020, let’s appreciate the opportunities.

Capitalize on the Opportunity

As an example, this year has been a banner year for me. I’ve

  • Published 6 books,
  • Written another two books,
  • Developed 4 additional online courses,
  • Spoke at four conferences, each offering multiple speaking opportunities,
  • Collaborated to start a joint business venture,
  • Launched two podcasts (check them out at www.TotalCareerGrowth.com),
  • Written and staged my third play,
  • Written, produced, and acted in my first movie short, and
  • Ran 8 half marathons in 9 weeks.

That’s not to brag. It’s simply to show how I’ve maximized my opportunities. I did this primarily because I had more time. As more of an introvert than an extrovert, I used the energy and time I would’ve spent networking to create new products and services. Conferences went virtual and many speakers backed out, allowing me to give additional presentations.

I didn’t sit around whining about what I’ve missed.

The key to your breakthrough is being willing to get out of your comfort zone. Become uncomfortable. Purposefully disrupt yourself, or use the external disruptions to see new opportunities.


Whining distracts us from seeing the opportunities.

Whining forces us to look back with regret.

Meanwhile, looking ahead exposes the opportunities that allow you to break through.

Here’s your take away.

Stop whining. Look for the opportunities. Focus on the positive. Be grateful. And the work hard to sense and seize your opportunity. Make 2021 your breakthrough year.




Loren Murfield, PhD

I work with leaders and entrepreneurs in small business, sales, and Real Estate to think bigger and reach higher to find their breakthrough success. Contact me today to begin your breakthrough.

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