5 Audacious Secrets to Building a Cutting-Edge Team

We are all clamoring to find the secrets to success in this rapidly changing world. But are we willing to be audacious? Or are we trying to play it safe?

Over the last few years, we have found five specific elements that standout in innovative organizations. But notice, they are not small, incremental changes. They are bold, disruptive ideas that most simply try to adopt in a safe manner.

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe we are not audacious enough. These five include thinking differently as well as bigger, leading with compassion, leveraging power, and communicating your legacy story.

Murfield Coaching works with leaders and entrepreneurs in sales, Real Estate, and business to realize their breakthrough success by thinking bigger and reaching higher than they thought possible.

We are all clamoring to find the secrets to success in this rapidly changing world. murfieldcoaching.com works to create a culture of creative success.

Defining Audacious

Audacious means to be extremely bold, daring to even be recklessly brave to do original things. When audacious, we are defiant toward tradition, not in an arrogant manner, but to the point where we break rules to discover what others could not. Einstein was audacious because he was willing to break the rules set by the world standard, Sir Isaac Newton. He never could have come up with this Theory of Relativity within the bounds set by Newton. In that same way, we need to think bigger, to the audacious level. Don’t just think incremental within the dictates of those around you. Be willing to be different.

1. Think Audaciously Different

Followers never forge a new path. Conformity never generates new thoughts. To create the cutting edge, you and your team need to think different from competitors and the world around them.

Are you willing to think audaciously?

Henry Ford said that if he had asked his customers what they wanted, they would have answered, “a faster horse.” Most would have been content to provide that. After all, we want to be customer centric.

Of course, Ford went much farther, building an inexpensive car by creating a much more efficient assembly line. That was cutting edge.

That innovation started with Ford thinking different from those around him.

How different are you willing to be, think, and become?

How different are you willing to let your team become?

2. Think and Reach Audaciously Bigger

Elon Musk is working to revolutionize transportation on earth and in space. Like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and other entrepreneurs, they think far beyond the norm. Problems are not roadblocks but simply part of the process. Change isn’t an inconvenience but rather a central and critical part of life. Risk is the price of innovation. Safety is what they quickly sacrifice.

Anyone who follows Elon Musk knows he is audacious. To do what he does, he cannot think or do what others are doing. Instead, he literally reaches for the stars.

How much bigger are you willing to think?

How much bigger are you willing to let your team think?

Are you willing to reach for audacious goals?

3. Lead with Audacious Compassion

Compassion is the best business practice.


Since authoring our first book on compassion in 2010, some have claimed this is crazy, wrong, and reckless. They believe that it is too soft and will never work.

They are wrong. Here’s why.

If you don’t care about the pain of your team and the team doesn’t care about alleviating the pain of current and potential customers, there will be no breakthrough.

If your employees are not team members, those that you values so highly that you celebrate their ideas, you will never reach audacious goals.

If you don’t care about their pain of frustrated dreams, you will never unleash their ultimate potential needed to reach audacious accomplishments.

In our books on compassion, we not only address in times of trauma, but also the pain of disengagement and making more money in disruptive times. Compassion is coming alongside of another to help alleviate their pain. That means coming alongside:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Vendors
  • Community
  • Industry
  • World

We all have some sort of pain. That is the power of creating. Necessity is the mother of all invention and that means that pain is the pinpoint of creation. Innovators are constantly seeking to alleviate someone’s pain.

Without compassion, we have no connection, collaboration, or creation power. What pain is your team seeking to alleviate?

4. Leverage Audacious Leadership Power

Leaders who accomplish audacious results don’t follow the old, top down model of leadership. They audaciously connect to leverage the power of their team. It’s not just about the strong leaders with great ideas. Instead, audacious success focuses on leveraging the collaboration of the team.

Check it out, there is an emerging wave of leaders who foster growth of their team, essentially leveraging their power. They leverage power instead of wield it. Breakthroughs come from collaboration which thrives on leverage not force.

Cutting-edge results demand energy that is willingly given. As I have written in “Leading with the Power of Compassion,” to achieve the influence of creativity, individuals need to tap their energy, appreciate their ability, and have permission (authority) to create. Their creativity is unleashed rather than demanded.

Are you leading in a way that leverages their power to create?

Are you willing to be an audacious leader leveraging rather than wielding power?

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5. Communicate the Audacious Legacy Story

To communicate is to connect. It is far beyond “just saying” or “I need to tell you.” Communicating is creating a shared meaning. Notice that communication is always on the cutting edge of creating. It is not replicating or repeating but working with another, who is much different in their thinking, to negotiate a common understanding.

Notice that communication is sharing, not telling. Sharing is opposite of hoarding power, ownership, or responsibility. The leader doing audacious things understands that sacrifice isn’t demanded but freely given when there is a legacy of compassion.

Telling a legacy story is connecting with those that follow, either currently or in the future. The astounding aspect of a legacy story is that, if done well, can connect with those that follow generations later.

Those that follow, fondly remember those who made the world better. The audacious leader isn’t selfish or ego driven. Instead, the leader with the audacious legacy, as I define it, made his or her team better people in the process of making the world a better place.

Isn’t that an audacious legacy?

Each of those innovators mentioned above have powerful legacy stories that will be told for generations. In the same way, in your community and organization, you and your team can share a legacy that lasts for generations. The legacy is the powerful story that continues the cutting-edge results.

Are you working to leave an audacious legacy?

What is your legacy story of cutting edge success?

How are communicating that legacy?




Loren Murfield, PhD

I work with leaders and entrepreneurs in small business, sales, and Real Estate to think bigger and reach higher to find their breakthrough success.

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