3 Steps to Set Audacious Goals

Are your goals big enough to stand out in the Next Normal?

As we transition out of the pandemic, there will incredible opportunities. Unfortunately, many won’t be thinking big enough or reach high enough to seize the best of these opportunities.

In this post, I’ll detail 3 steps to set audacious goals that ensure your breakthrough success.

Murfield Coaching works with leaders and entrepreneurs in sales, Real Estate, and business by thinking bigger and reaching higher than they thought possible.

Audacious Goals

Audacious is defined by dictionary.com as “extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless.”

Audacious goals are not stupid but rather very smart. Just ask the individual or organization that is brave enough to defy conventional thinking and take the plunge. Is it scary? Of course. Is it bold? Definitely. Could they lose? Absolutely.

Many people are averse to risk. They play it safe, afraid to fail. They appreciate the predictable results and that makes life safe and predictable. Who can blame them? Isn’t that what we all want?

Not everyone. Those that seize the best opportunities are the disruptive innovators. They see a world that most don’t. They also see incredible opportunities to solve significant problems and 10x their business. The only way to seize the ultimate success is to take the biggest risk. They are bold and set audacious goals.

Examples of audacious goals include colonizing the moon, driver-less cars, and a cancer vaccine. Those are literally “out of this world” goals.

A friend recently commented that individuals and small business cannot afford to make audacious goals. I disagree. Anyone and everyone can set a goal that makes them uncomfortable, or even sick to their stomach. Each individual can challenge themselves and their team to do what they have never done before, maybe even what no one has done before.


Astro Teller, CEO of X (formerly Google X) leads his team in “moonshots,” audaciously pursuing the biggest problems. In his TED Talk, he explains their three step process.

  1. Find a huge problem that affects millions of people
  2. Find or purpose a radical solution for solving the problem
  3. Have some reason to believe that the technology (or process) for the solution could actually be built.

Notice they don’t choose safe, small problems. They purposely choose the world’s most significant problems. That requires an audacious attitude. I believe that is the key to their success. Yes, knowledge and skills matter, but without that audacious attitude, they wouldn’t target something so risky.

Is your attitude limiting your potential?

Notice also that their attitude comes from their purpose. They are not in business just to be safe or comfortable. They are in business to solve significant problems.

Is this the time to re-examine your purpose? You don’t need to solve the biggest problems in the world. But you can think bigger and reach higher.

Is your purpose focused on solving big problems for your customers?

Is there a solution used in a different place that might work on this problem? Remember that Post It Notes was invented from a failed glue invention, Viagra was originally intended as a heart medicine, and Bubble Wrap was intended as wall paper. Sometimes the solution to our biggest problems is already out there but intended for a different purpose.

Does your solution already exist?

If there isn’t a solution, is there reason to believe that one can be created? One of the keys to doing something bold is seeing someone else do something similar. “If they can do that, maybe I can . . .”

Is there reason to believe your solution can be created?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” move on to another idea. That is part of being audacious is to be willing to determine quickly if you will succeed. Be bold enough to say, “Not yet” or “Not for me.” Then move on to something else that solves a significant problem.

Your Challenge

There are and will be incredible opportunities in this pandemic and in the next normal for those willing to set audacious goals. Succeeding requires a bold thinking bigger and reaching higher.

What is your audacious goal?




Loren Murfield, PhD

I work with leaders and entrepreneurs in small business, sales and Real Estate to think bigger and reach higher to find their breakthrough success. Contact me to begin thinking bigger.

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