How Do You Define Success?

What level of success do you want?

Are you content where you are?

Or is there another level? Or two? Or three?

TOTAL Career Growth takes you to astounding levels. Patrick Lynch, a retired police detective, and Loren Murfield, a former college professor and now executive coach, created TCGSuccess to assist aspiring and emerging leaders in Real Estate, Sales, and Entrepreneurship take their careers to the level they desire. We help you think bigger, reach higher, and do what many consider “impossible.”  We utilize online and in-person coaching, training, and speaking. Check out our podcasts.

Our Success

Our success is determined by what we honestly want. Unfortunately, many of us are not honest with ourselves. We say we want to succeed, but secretly want something else.

Over the years, I’ve coached clients that said the right things but

In this post, we will look behind the curtain to see what you want and how much you want that.

Defining Success

For you, what is success?

(For this exercise, check only those that apply. Be honest. There is no correct answer, just the one where you admit to yourself what success means to you.)

Is success:

  • Earning the highest salary?
  • Attaining the highest-ranking title?
  • Holding the most power in the organization?
  • Building a stellar reputation?
  • Being popular?
  • Producing the most results?
  • Retiring early?
  • Being happy and fulfilled?
  • Having good health?
  • Having a healthy and fulfilling family?
  • Helping others in need?
  • Being Comfortable?
  • Free from any responsibility?
  • Other? __________________________

Take a moment and identify each that apply.

Next, return to your list. Rank order your choices. Place #1 by the most important and continue through all that are checked.  

Look over the list.

What jumps out at you?

As you look at your list, are you most motivated by money, power, titles, health, helping, or happiness?

Is this what you ultimately want?

Feel free to change your answers to reflect what you ultimately want for your success.

How Much do you Want it?

Next, ask yourself, “how much do I want that success?”

In other words, “what is the level of your intensity?” Over the years I have coached people who said they wanted to succeed at a certain level, but they never stepped up to do what they needed to do. I had to wonder, “how much did they really want it?”

Take your #1 on your list.

Let’s mix it up on this one. On a scale of 1 to 7 with 7 being the most intense, rate how much you want that success?

“Not important”        1   2   3   4   5   6   7          “YES! I’ve Made it!”

What evidence is there to show that intensity?

What actions have you taken to prove you want that success that much?

Why do you Want it so Much?

Looking at your #1 response, ask yourself, “Why do I want it that much?”

No one else is looking or listening so be honest with yourself.

For this next answer, check ONLY ONE.

Is it because:

  • Others expect it.
  • It brings me pleasure.
  • It makes the world better.
  • It makes me feel important.
  • It allows me to be more powerful.

Your Challenge

Without knowing the answers to these 3 questions, your success will be frustrated. However, once you know what you want, how much you want it, and why, you will be positioned to get it.

Of course, that assumes you are motivated to reach what you ultimately want. Some people are content where they are. Others just want a comfortable, easy life. If that is your intent, you probably won’t follow this blog very long because that is not my intent. My passion and mission are to unleash the ultimate in you. I don’t’ settle for ordinary. Neither do we at Total Career Success. There is much more available than we realize.  With the technology and access to global resources, we can do more than we ever thought possible.

Are you willing to reach for that level of success?

Do you want it?

I have found clients who identify what they ultimately want, and identify why they want it, quickly increase their intensity, and prove to be unstoppable. Their businesses often pivot from frustrating to lucrative.

Do you want to be one of those leaders?

If so, like, follow, and share this blog. Join us in the journey to take you to the ultimate level of your success.  You might even want to sign up for our free 20 minute coaching session. In the end, you could become the leader of your pivotal success.

Isn’t that what you ultimately want?

THINK BIGGER: Redefine success to what you ultimately want. Recognize your success is your choice. You don’t have to be controlled by family, friends, or external circumstances. Learn to work Inside-Out and leverage that passion.  

REACH HIGHER! Reach for that ultimate level of success. Don’t settle for what others think is success. Tap your why to reach for what others consider out of your reach.  

DO THE IMPOSSIBLE: Be smart, adventurous, and bold. Challenge yourself to do what you once thought was out of your reach.   

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