What Level of Success do you Want?

As an executive coach, one of the first questions I ask is, “What level of success do you want?” In the process of discovering what they want, they often realize they want more than they were willing to admit. That is a critical point in their breakthrough success.

In the last post, I posed three important questions to help you define success. In this post, I challenge you to increase your level of success.  

TOTAL Career Growth takes you to astounding levels. Patrick Lynch, a retired police detective, and Loren Murfield, a former college professor and now executive coach, created TCGSuccess to assist aspiring and emerging leaders in Real Estate, Sales, and Entrepreneurship take their careers to the level they desire. We help you think bigger, reach higher, and do what many consider “impossible.”  We utilize online and in-person coaching, training, and speaking. Check out our podcasts.

The best part of success is that it got me past the basic survival level of existence so that I was comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about stuff pertaining to survival. Once that was taken care of, I got the chance sit down and create and work at what I do.

Joe Walsh
Guitarist and Vocalist for The Eagles

In the last post I challenged you to define success by asking what you wanted, why, and when you wanted it.

If you haven’t had a chance to read that post and detail your answer, click here.

Is that Enough?

In the 3rd edition of first book, Chevettes to Corvettes: 8 Gears to Leading Your Ultimate Business, I challenge readers to push beyond ordinary to become ultimate. Ordinary is that comfort zone, a safety blanket that leaves any business easily replaced. They don’t stand out from the crowd. There is nothing uniquely valuable that they can’t get somewhere else.

When you are ordinary, you usually are invisible. What good are you or your business if no one can see you or thinks of you?

The only way we are valuable is when we solve our customers problems in a way that they gladly come back and pay our fee. When we solve those problems better than anyone else by being better, faster, cheaper, or easier, we are the ultimate in that customer’s mind. They wouldn’t use anyone else.

With that in mind, are you content with ordinary results?

Or are you interested in taking it up a notch?  

15 Levels

In Chevettes to Corvettes I detail 15 levels of businesses. Following my car metaphor established in the book, the rankings had three basic ratings: Junked, Ordinary, Ultimate.

(-7 Rating) (Junked)FAILURES: Edsel

Do you have any options left? Will it take more effort to revive your business or career than it is worth? If so, maybe this is the time to pivot to a new business or a new career.

Will you continue or pivot?

(-6) Just about Junked (on Mechanical Last Leg and not worth fixing)

Maybe you don’t need to junk your business or career yet. Maybe you can revive it. But if you do, it’s time to get serious and make some major pivots right now.

Are you serious enough to save your business or career?

(-5) Runs on a Prayer:  (Needs to be fixed often)

Do you feel like your business or career is more wishing, wondering how you make it from one month to the next or one year to the next? If so, you have some things going for you and there is hope but you need to do some preventative maintenance. You may not continue if you can’t get out of that reactionary mode.

Put your prayers into action and do something significant to stabilize your business.

(-4) Ashamed (Nasty looking, Riding and Running)

Does your business get results but suffer from a tainted reputation? As an employee or leader, do you deliver but contend with consistent complaints? If so, you have promise but it will take time and effort. You better get started now.  

Isn’t it time to be proud of your business or career? Take the necessary action now to pivot to the Next Normal.

(-3) Rust Bucket (Wet Feet) (Body Shot but still Runs)

It’s tough to tell what is worse, being ashamed of our reputation or hiding significant problems. Currently they are inconveniences but hiding poor processes and bad habits will eventually eat away any success?

Are you secretly suffering from your own lack of attention to details and hoping no one will notice? If you are honest, you know that the problem will destroy the safety of the organization or your career. Without immediate attention, long term success is questionable. .

(-2 ) Rough Rider (Reliable but Uncomfortable)

You may not like the process but its working. You can continue the way you are going but it takes a tremendous amount of energy. Your business has high turnover, and you are putting out one fire after another. In your career, you aren’t happy but its paying the bills.

How long are you willing to put up with this ride? Wouldn’t you rather pivot to a higher level? If so, start strategizing.

(-1) Basic Transportation (Mechanically Dependable but Looks Bad)

Ok, so your business or career are stable and productive. Its nothing flashy to brag about at high school reunions but it works.

Is that good enough for you? Is now the time to invest in your Next Normal?

(Zero Rating) ORDINARY:  Chevette

In ordinary, life continues with a reasonable amount of reliability. In business, you are confident you can make it from one year to the next without threat, unless something drastic like a pandemic or recession happens.

Is the Chevette level good enough for you? Wouldn’t you rather have life more comfortable and lucrative in the Next Normal? If so, you are positioned nicely to trade in the Chevette for something better.

(+1) Comfortable (Rides Well)

Ok, so you are a step above ordinary. You have things under control and know what to expect. Even the surprises are quite predictable.

So why think about pivoting to the Next Normal? Because the next levels are even more comfortable and lucrative. Are you ready for that next step into comfortable?

(+2)  Nice  (Good Appearance and Ride)

You walk into another business and you instantly see that they are a step above your business. Everything runs just a little smoother and have the next level clientele.

Are you thinking, “I like this.” If so, are you ready to disrupt a few processes or practices to make it even better?

(+3) Wow (Good Appearance, Ride and Power)

Nice is good but Wow is, well, a lot better. Wow leaves you with excited for more. You are wide eyed, standing with mouth open just thinking about how well the business or your career is going. You might even say, “This is better than I imagined. Life is good. I can’t imagine it getting any better.

Are you ready, willing, and able to pursue the Wow level of business and your career?

( +4) Sweeeet! (This is Fun to Drive & Frivolous)

Are you having fun in business? Are things going so well that you can stop, laugh, and enjoy life? Work doesn’t need to be a chore. (Think about that one.) Instead, as the saying goes, when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life.

Even if things are going well, there is always another level that is even more comfortable, enjoyable, and profitable. Do you want it?

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(+5) Prestigious (People Want to be Seen Driving This)

Have you won any awards? Would you like to? Prestigious success brings a distinctive, award winning reputation as a business and in your career?  

Are you read to earn those awards? Do you want to pivot to that prestigious Next Normal?

+ 6 Impresses In-Laws (Even those that don’t like me are impressed)

Are you turning heads with your competitors? Are you earning their respect? Do they tell their teams that you are the model for success?  Success can hardly get any better than competitors reluctantly praising you. They want nothing better than to beat you in sales or for the next promotion, but they can’t bring them to say anything negative. Instead, they willingly praise you.

Wouldn’t that level be great? Is that your Next Normal? If so, what do you need to do to pivot?   

(+7 Rating) ULTIMATE:  Corvette

The Corvette is the Ultimate American Sportscar because nothing else can match its performance and price, especially over its lifetime. The Boss Mustang gave it a run for a year or two, the Viper contended, but the Corvette stands alone. Over the years, no competitor has been able to stay with them. That makes Corvette the ultimate.

Are you tired of seeing your competitor win year after year? Are you ready to pivot to your Next Normal as an ultimate business? Are you ready to take your leadership in sales, real estate, or entrepreneurship to that ultimate level?  

Where does your business fit on this scale?

Where does your career fit on this scale?

Wouldn’t you like it to be ranked higher?

THINK BIGGER: Recognize that you can increase the level of your success. You don’t have to settle for Junked or Ordinary. You can be ultimate.

REACH HIGHER! Do a S.W.O.T. analysis of your career and business. Identify the opportunities to increase your unique value. 

DO THE IMPOSSIBLE: Make the decision to pivot to your next normal. Commit to the process and execute the action.   

Loren Murfield, PhD

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