7 Ways to Increase Your Speed and Get What You Ultimately Want

Speed matters, especially in a competitive world. There are great opportunities but if we don’t move fast enough, someone else will get it. We need to learn to increase our speed.

As the pandemic fades in fits and sputters, the next normal is emerging with a number of breakthrough opportunities. It is at these pivotal points that fortunes are made and lost. The only question is, “Will this be your pivotal moment?” Or will you be looking back in a year or two regretting your response? Will you act quickly enough to seize your best opportunity?

In recent posts, we have discussed audacious lies that we tell others about ourselves and about the future. In the last post, we examine how claiming our freedom demands audacious action. We focused on the lies because too often we have far more opportunities than we are led to believe.  In the this post, we  discuss the critical nature of
speed in taking that audacious action.

Those that follow me have seen my recent pivot from Murfield International, Inc. to my collaboration with real estate broker Patrick Lynch. Together we work to help leaders in business, real estate, and sales achieve their TOTAL Career Growth. TOTAL stands for Taking Others To Audacious Levels. To reach astounding levels we help them to think bigger, reach higher, and be willing to do what others think is impossible. That success comes when we boldly search for the truth and are honest about why we are so willing to believe the lies. We utilize online and in-person coaching, training, and speaking, and podcasts to help our clients.


We feature speed in the last two episodes of our Total Career Growth podcast. The Boring Tunnel in Las Vegas  is designed to move people faster than conventional street traffic. The new generations of Supersonic Commercial Air Travel is not only faster but also environmentally friendly.  Each episode also discusses how to develop the pivotal mindset, habitually working to see the next, great opportunity. 

Let’s look closer into the speed of change and how each speed is appropriate for pivoting to find our next, great opportunity.  Read below to find ways you can increase your speed, quickly pivoting to seize your next opportunity. 

1. Walk

Walking was the original form of transportation. The the earliest people didn’t have access to the wheel and didn’t yet use animals. Today, many still walk from one place to the other. It is environmentally friendly and affordable. However, the average person walks 3 miles per hour. 

Is that fast enough to seize your dream opportunity?

Walking speed is still viable for Pivotal Leaders. Sometimes we need to slow down and exercise caution. Walking speed is great in times that require careful consideration. 

However, when there is a great opportunity and you sense others will compete for it, there is no time to walk. We need to run, get a horse, or find a car. Speed is of the essence.

Are you walking when you should be driving or flying? 

2. Ride a Horse

Early in the age of humans, someone realized that they could travel much faster if they rode a horse. Imagine their pleasure when they realized that they could ride a horse and travel as fast as 55 miles an hour. Not only could they go faster, but the horse could also carry heavier loads. Along the way, we figured out how to use camels, donkeys, oxen and a variety of other animals to help us travel faster. 

Pivotal leaders recognize the value of an engaged team, where everyone is on the same page and pulling together. Animal speed works great when we have worked through the difficulties and have a relatively smooth path ahead. 

Do you see a smooth road ahead? Maybe this is the perfect time to take the reins and gallop instead of walking. 

3. Take a Train

Traveling on the back of a horse was the fastest method of transportation for thousands of years until the invention of the railroad. Suddenly, people could travel at 125-150 mph and carry massive loads. The world changed when farmers could deliver their crops and produce to cities a thousand miles away without spoilage. That speed also changed how people shopped and ate. Imagine how railroads transformed industry, making materials thousands of miles away available. 

What new technology will allow you to do business better, faster, and easier by connecting to the recourses you need?  

4. Drive a Car 

Shortly after the car was invented and that changed personal transportation. Individuals could now travel faster, more comfortable than in a horse drawn carriage. They could also travel when and where they wanted. Instead of being restricted by the ridged railroad schedule, they were not free to set their own time table.  

Today’s world is designed for entrepreneurs that need the nimble flexibility to shift processes and positions to capitalize on the highest potential. 

In what way can you increase your speed by becoming more independent?

5. Fly a Propeller Plane

When Orville and Wilber Wright took flight, their plane soared at 30 mph. Over time, that increased so the World War II fighter could fly at 440 mph. The speed was increased with bigger and more powerful engines.

Propeller aircraft made air travel possible. Essentially, it got us off the ground. Amateur pilots and those serving remote areas like Alaska still use this base form of air travel to make life faster, better, and easier. They serve small areas that are not commercially viable for the large airlines.  

Too many claim a great opportunity is “impossible” because they are trying to use a car for the work of an airplane. They don’t see the potential because they don’t have the airplane speed as a resource. 

How will your business take off when you shift your thinking, choosing to see it at a much higher level?  

6. Fly on Jet 

The introduction of jet engines into commercial aircraft suddenly provided another leap in transportation speed. The jet engine allowed the plane to fly at much higher altitudes. The DC-4 flew at 10,000 to 20,000 feet and only held 21 passengers. The Boeing Stratocaster, with jet engines and pressurization, flew at 32,000 feet and held 81 passengers. That increased speed to 600 mph and cut travel times in half.  Flying at the higher altitude reduced turbulence, increased speed, and revolutionized air transportation

In what ways can you increase your speed by changing to the new technology?

7. Use Supersonic Speed

Although military aircraft were the first to travel faster than the speed of sound (662 mph) as early as 1947, it wasn’t 1976 that the first commercial airliner crossed that barrier. The Concorde  reached speeds up to 1354 mph. To reach those speeds, engineers had to reduce the drag. Instead of the bulking fuselage, a distinctively sleek cabin with narrow wings was created. The plane also was lighter and was powered by a new technology. It became the travel of choice for those wanting to cut their New York to Paris trip to just over three hours from the normal seven hours. 

The problem, however, was noise and limited luxury.  The Concorde was retired in 2003. 

However, there has been a recent interest in creating modern supersonic aircraft. United Airlines expects to fly commercial passengers by 2029.  Boom will carry 65-80 passengers at 60,000 feet, and travel at Mach 1.7. while delivering carbon zero emissions. Meanwhile, passengers will enjoy all the modern conveniences. That is flying higher, faster, and better. It is a win-win-win perspective. 

Imagine the how that will allow business travelers to pivot to the next, best opportunity. 

In what way can you increase the speed of your success by thinking win-win-win?  

Your Challenge

What speed are you using?

How can you work at a faster speed? 




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