7 Questions to Ask Before You Make a Critical Decision

The world is changing at breakneck speed. What we used to know, we no longer know. The way we used to live and work has been turned on its head.  If we don’t pivot to become pivotal, we will be left behind.

Do you want to be left behind?

Or do you want to be on the cutting-edge?

Those that follow me know I write about thinking bigger and reaching higher to realize your breakthrough success. I help aspiring and emerging leaders make one pivot and create the habit of pivotal success.

In this post, we discuss 7 questions to ask before you make a critical decision. This process works for your personal life but also for the corporate boardroom. Imagine the possibilities when your management team is willing to ask these 7 questions to themselves and as an organization.

This is Your Pivotal Point

One of the biggest threats we can imagine is living in a world filled with regrets. We do not want to live with regret saying, “I wish I had known about that idea. That would have changed everything.” We don’t want to come to a point in a year or five years from now where we say, “I regret not changing.” To be successful, we must scan the horizon for what is about to become a reality. Identify the threats of not changing, not changing quickly enough, or not changing radically enough to seize your ultimate opportunity.

We don’t want to be stupid in times of opportunity.

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We must think bigger about opportunities and threats, but also about our own strengths and weaknesses. To think bigger, we must consider what we haven’t contemplated before. Unfortunately, we live in a world where too many are not thinking but simply reacting emotionally. That creates another threat but also tremendous opportunities if we are willing to reach higher.

Finding the next great opportunity is essential but tragic if we don’t have the ambition or confidence to pursue it. Too many never breakthrough because they fail to reach high enough. They wilt under pressure, often doubting that they are not good enough or the opportunity is beyond their reach. Some fail because they claim they don’t have the resources when it is at their fingertips.

Question #1: Do you want to break through to your success?

Success is Your Choice

You can choose to change once because of outside circumstances.

It isn’t luck.

In this sense, life isn’t unfair; the odds are in our favor. We all have more opportunities than we can pursue to do what we never thought possible. We are living at an age where we can start a business on our phones, sitting on our couch, or even at a beach. Never before could we have done that.

But becoming pivotal is not something that happens to us.

It is your choice. It is my choice.

Success comes from making wise choices at critical times.

Question #2: What do you want to do?

The Level of Success is Your Choice

There are an increasing number of entrepreneurs who are boldly reaching higher and surpassing their wildest dreams. Those with ambition for the ultimate level of success shatter previous barriers by violating the assumptions that imprison ordinary thinkers.

With the radical changes and understanding that success is our choice, we must clarify what we ultimately want. Yes, you have a choice, but what level of success do you ultimately want?

In my first book, Chevettes to Corvettes, I compare our business and personal success to choosing to drive either an underpowered, unimpressive basic means of transportation, the Chevette, or the ultimate American sports car, the Corvette. The choice is pretty obvious for most. Who would choose to follow and have their world dictated to them when they can choose to lead?

Question #3: “Do you choose to be ordinary or to pursue the ultimate?”

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The Process

Becoming Pivotal is an inside-out process to thinking bigger, reaching higher, and doing the impossible. Notice two important points.  

First, it is an inside-out, not an outside-in process. You don’t obey to do but rather discover and develop. To do the impossible, you are being a confident, audaciously thinking leader.  Who you become leads to what you will do. If you are unwilling to become more than you currently are, you will never do what you have considered impossible.

Question #4: Are you willing to become more than who you are right now?

Second, sensing and seizing the best, great opportunities is a three-pronged approach to living and working in a rapidly and radically changing world. We learn to think bigger, reach higher, and take action to do the impossible. Notice the three steps: think – reach – do. We need to re-engineer our thinking, and that involves challenging our assumptions and processes. What we thought we knew may no longer be true. The best practices, i.e., the relied upon advice, may be outdated. Working with flawed assumptions or outdated processes is a recipe for failure and maybe even disaster.  We cannot expect to stay the same and be successful when the world is changing at warp speed.

Question #5: Are you willing to think bigger?

Action is important. The specific action you will need to take is to reach. Reach means to extend yourself to acquire what you want purposely. The critical point with becoming pivotal is that you continually reach higher than what is comfortable.

Question #6: Are you willing to reach higher?

The Result

The desired result of continually thinking bigger and reaching higher is doing what you never thought possible. That might be reaching so high that no one thought it was possible. Do you dare to think that big? Do you dare to reach that high?

Never before has the “impossible” been so “possible.” We have more resources at our fingertips than we have ever had in the history of the world. That leaves only one question.

Question #7: What’s your choice?




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