What is “Coming Soon” in Your World?

I love the anticipation in a “Coming Soon” sign because it displays change, promise, and hope all wrapped into one.

In the post, we will discuss an intriguing opportunity each of us has every day but few of us take.

Those that follow me know I write about thinking bigger and reaching higher to realize your breakthrough success. I help aspiring and emerging leaders make one critical pivot and then create the habit of pivotal success. They are always working on a big project that is “Coming Soon.”


Imagine you were introduced to Steven Spielberg through a new friend. During the conversation, he makes an incredible offer to make a movie on your life. He will buy the rights and has three top writers who will tell the story. Your challenge is to submit three scripts. (Don’t worry, the writers will help you write the script. All you have to do is tell the story.) The three stories must revolve around the following three themes.

1. Nothing Changes

In this movie, you tell your story as it exists today. It can explore your current job, relationships, activities, and ideas. It is entirely up to you what the story involves. It can be a romance or tragedy, depending on how you see your life. If you are in control and are making all the important decisions that bring you success, that will be a romance. If you are frustrated by others shaping your world and leaving your potential unspent, that is a tragedy.

The critical part of this script is that nothing will ever change in this story. What you experience today is all you will ever get out of life. Even if you are extremely happy with everything in your life, the dreams you currently have will never become reality. This is as good as it gets.

What story would you tell?

How popular will this movie be?

2. Change One Decision

The next script is more flexible. You will tell your current story but can change one thing. it might be a job or career choice. It might be changing a relationship or recreational activity. The important part is that you will choose one outside condition that seems to be limiting your current life.

What one change would you make?

The critical part about this movie is that your life isn’t as limited as the first movie. This one allows you to go back and revisit a decision of the past, a mistake that you want to rectify. Or, you can change something right now. You can have a new manager, a different job, or better pay. You can choose to learn a new skill, trade, or discipline. You can also choose where in the entire world you want to live.

Please note: This involves one decision on your part. That doesn’t include winning the lottery or other “get rich quick” games of chance. The one decision means you make the decision that will lead to your taking the appropriate action that changes your life.

Remember, you only get to change one decision.

What decision do you choose?

How many people will want to see this movie?

3. Change One Specific Attitude

The last movie option gives you the most opportunities. Here you get to change one specific attitude and that is how you approach change. Imagine what your world can look like when you can change how you approach each day. Nothing is permanent if you don’t want it to be. In the end, you tell the story you choose to tell.

The only criteria you must follow is that you must do the necessary work to make that opportunity a reality. Every day you get to choose who you want to be and how you will approach life. Change brings opportunities instead of threats. Instead of being hesitant, you find opportunities even in the midst of troubles. In this movie, almost anything is possible as long as you are willing to make it happen.

What will this movie look like?

How will this movie differ from the previous stories?

Why will people gladly pay to watch this movie?

Watch my first movie short, “Deceived.”

Meeting the Deadline

As with any movie producer, there is a deadline, and that deadline is today. As individuals and leaders at several levels, we all make these decisions every day. Which one of the three movies do you want to write about first?

The way to choose is to look ahead five years. The date is September of 2026. What does your life look like? Does it look like movie #1, #2, or #3?

If you choose #1, how frustrating would it be to look back five years from now knowing you could have had #3 but chose to do nothing?

If you choose #2, how frustrating would it be to know you could have had #3 but chose wrong? Imagine knowing you had the opportunity but didn’t take it?

As executives, managers, sales professionals, human resources professionals, or entrepreneurs, what choices are you making?

“Coming Soon” Moments

Choosing to write movie #3 fills your life with “Coming Soon” moments. It is filled with crazy ideas that, through grit and grind, become reality. Those moments are filled with promise and hope because there is anticipation. Not all those dreams will materialize as you first dreamt them, but they will evolve into a much better world than you have now.

What “Coming Soon” moments are you looking forward to?

Note: Too many people writing movie #1 or #2 cringe at the “Coming Soon” moments because they tell horror stories. They are afraid to turn the next corner or open the next door for fear of the consequences. Imagine how much more entertaining the world will be when you learn to expect the good, not the bad.

Pivotal Living and Working

Choosing to live movie #3 is making the conscious decision to become pivotal. That means you consistently make your own choices in your life and in your career. If you can’t change the external event, you can change your attitude about the event and find the opportunity in the obstacle. Becoming pivotal allows you to dream and make those dreams come true because you live inside-out not outside-in.

This isn’t some mamby, pamby, wishful thinking. Becoming pivotal is making hard choices to make your life better. It is taking responsibility for your actions. But this attitude shifts your focus from telling a tragedy to enjoying an epic victory. You are the hero, not the villain or the hapless victim.

Your future is your choice.

Will you let external circumstances and people dictate your life?

Or will you make the choice to become pivotal?




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