How to Dance to the Music Inside

What does dance have to do with becoming a pivotal leader?

It’s simple, dancing is the epitome of creative expression because it involves every aspect of your being. As the old song says, “You must be dancing now.”

In this post, we discuss how you can pivot to ‘dance” in a way that lets you lead that unlived life inside. When you find the rhythm of your ultimate creativity, you not only dance, you lead the group dance. In the same way, when you embrace pivoting, you will become a pivotal leader who leads others to their ultimate breakthrough.

Those that follow me know I write about thinking bigger and reaching higher to realize your breakthrough success. I help aspiring and emerging leaders make one pivot and create the habit of pivotal success.

NOTE: This post applies to our personal and professional lives. As organizational leaders, it is our charge to pivot the perspective of our teams. If we focus on blame, we squelch the innovation. Instead, when we focus on the potential and the process, we encourage our team to dance.

You Should Be Dancin’

“You should be dancin'” was a popular hit with the Bee Gees in the 1970s. As a part of the disco movement, this song became one of their greatest hits and one of the theme songs of the popular movie, Saturday Night Fever.

Notice the message. It isn’t, “It would be nice to be dancing” but rather You SHOULD be dancing.'” In other words, there is a compelling reason for you to get up and let loose.

Many of us are languishing right now because we’ve let the problems with the pandemic take away our joy. Instead of getting out and letting loose, we are restricting ourselves, keeping the unlived lives safely tucked away inside.

Find something that makes you want to dance. If nothing else, choose to dance in spite of the circumstances. Sometimes the mere choice to dance changes our mood and helps us find opportunities.

In business terms, those that persist emerge as winners. Those that quit are the losers. Dancing is the choice to keep going when we don’t feel like we want to or that there is any hope.

The Music In You

Laurie Beth Jones implores us to live our “unlived lives.” She writes, “Don’t die with the music still in you.”

Notice that implies that we have the music inside of us. We have hopes and dreams, passions and a purpose, that create a beat that gets us up off our seats and on our feet. We hear that rhythm and know we can’t sit by and watch, we must be involved. When we allow ourselves to hear it, we are moved by it. That music is what makes our lives enjoyable and valuable.

Dancin’ to that music is what makes us alive. We are dancin’ when we see the opportunities and pursue them. We are on the floor, we are movin’ and groovin’. It doesn’t matter who is watching and what they are saying. We hear the music and are dancin’ to the rhythm.

  • What is your dream?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What is your passion?

Don’t die with that music still in you.

Don’t let it linger. It will only make you languish.

You gotta keep on dancin’.

You Gotta Keep Dancin

Tim Hansel also encourages us to dance. “You Gotta Keep Dancin'” (1985).

I received the book when I was going through a very difficult time. Life seemed to be falling apart and I couldn’t see much hope. I definitely was not dancing.

Hansel was climbing in the Sierra Mountains when the snow balled up under his crampons and caused him to slip. Before he knew it he was sliding over an edge, falling headfirst, into a crevasse. Fortunately, he landed on his back, avoiding a large rock. He could have easily died or been paralyzed but instead was able to hike out.

But all was not well. In a subsequent doctor’s visit, he learned that fall had fractured vertebrae, crushed discs, and left fragments of bone in his neck. After the shock wore off, he was in debilitating pain that would persist the rest of his life.

In much the same way, each of us has frustrations and failures, lost dreams, and demoralizing criticism that we must live with each day. If we allow that pain to dominate our life, we will die with the music inside. We will live “unlived lives” that turn into regrets and bitterness.

Instead, we must choose joy over sadness, and victory over defeat. When we choose to listen to our own motivating music, we get back up and start dancing.

Tim Hansel turned that trauma into a tremendous opportunity, empathizing with others with physical limitations. He approached his not-for-profit venture with renewed enthusiasm. Only instead of leading the climb, he pivoted to writing and speaking to generate funds to fuel the program. With his pivot, he helped others climb mountains, physically and emotionally.

I began to realize that it wasn’t my imposed limitations that held me back as much as my perception of those limitations. It wasn’t the pain that was thwarting me as much as it was my attitude towards the pain.

Tim Hansel
The Prize Inside by Loren Murfield

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The Consequences and the Promise

By not dancin’, people are committing suicide a little bit every day.

In the end, we create our hell when we could be creating our heaven.

We get depressed when we focus on our problems, frustrations, and past pains.

When we pivot, we see the opportunities. When we learn the lessons and find our unique value, we recognize who we can help and that is a tremendous opportunity.

As leaders, how can you help your team find the promise inside the current pain?

Your Pivot

Pivot your perspective to see the opportunities at your fingertips.

Then think bigger than your problems. See the opportunities within them.

Tim Hansel went on to write 15 books. He might not have written one had he not experienced the pain.

Reach higher. Your unique perspective allows you to provide a value others cannot.

  • Our bruises become our blessing.
  • Our pain becomes our promise.
  • Our failures become our future success.

Your Challenge

Get up and dance.

  • Don’t worry about not knowing the steps.
  • Don’t worry about what others think or say.
  • Don’t worry about anything.

Just dance physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and socially.

Dance for yourself. Dance for your future. Dance for your team.

  • Pivot to choose joy over just living.
  • Pivot to live your unlived life.
  • Pivot to do what others never thought you could do.

The Result

Pivoting to get up and dance is choosing to live inside-out instead of outside-in. It is choosing to be happy, choosing to find your joy amidst the problems. In the end, you create your success. By pivoting, you will turn your frustrations into your fabulous future.




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