5 Questions to Determine if 2022 Will Be Your Breakthrough Year?

You are standing on the threshold of phenomenal opportunities and success.

Never before, in the history of the world, has there been more opportunities at your fingertips than right now. The question is, “will you seize the opportunity.

Will 2022 be your breakthrough year?

In this post, I’ll pose 5 questions where your answer will determine whether or not this is your year. Does that sound bold? Of course, it is. I challenge you to accept that bold challenge, think bigger, and then reach higher to make this your pivotal year. I also challenge you to pass that challenge on to your team. Remember, your success is your choice.

Those that follow me know I write on pivotal success. I’m passionate about helping you break out and breakthrough. That is what I do as a visionary facilitator and cultural strategist. You might call me an executive coach, although that doesn’t fully explain how I’ve written 31 books, 4 plays, and a movie short. Author, playwright, or even director doesn’t cover it. The label consultant also doesn’t fully explain my diverse perspective coming from a decade of manual labor before returning to college to earn my A.B.S., B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. Professor doesn’t fully explain how I taught for two decades and served as a department chair, revised curriculum, and a program while teaching communication studies, business, and political campaign rhetoric. Podcaster or mastermind facilitator doesn’t fully explain my desire to share knowledge and expand my thinking. No, one label doesn’t capture my passion, experience, and value for helping you think bigger, reach higher, and do what others never thought you could.

2022: A Year of Opportunities

Don’t listen to the critics. 2022 is overflowing with phenomenal opportunities for you. The world is changing so rapidly and radically that exciting opportunities are emerging every hour.

To sense and then seize the next great opportunities, we need to do what we never imagined was possible. We must pivot from who we are to who we are willing to become to seize the best opportunities.

We must become pivotal to sense and seize the best opportunities. Anything less will leave us struggling to survive when others are thriving.      

The best opportunities require more than just obeying a boss or completing a specific set of actions. They require a different perspective, a radical new way of thinking, an audacious attitude, and cutting-edge knowledge and skills.

The best news is that becoming pivotal is your choice. It doesn’t matter where you were born or to what parents. Becoming Pivotal doesn’t depend on economics or ethnicity. It’s not dictated by anyone or anything beyond your control. Yes, your pivotal breakthrough is your choice.

Answer the following questions to see if you are passionate and determined enough to make 2022 your breakthrough year.

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#1. Are you curious enough to explore your ultimate potential?

Think beyond a New Year’s Resolution question.

This can be the year that you allow yourself the freedom to explore the unknown.

First, start by looking at what you are capable of doing. Reconsider what you have previously dismissed.

Second, examine something new. Explore what interests you. Become curious.

Are you curious enough to leave the safety and security of your current success and explore your ultimate potential?

What is Your Unique Value?

#2. Are you willing to reconsider what you never thought possible?

This question pushes the boundaries.

  • Think beyond the ordinary.
  • Think beyond the mundane.
  • Think beyond the easy.
  • Think beyond what is expected.
  • Think beyond what you have previously imagined possible.

Now ask yourself if you are willing to reconsider what you once thought possible.

I like to say that “impossible” simply means that we don’t currently have the resources necessary to do that. But what happens when the money, energy, knowledge, skills, or personnel become available? Won’t those resources make your dream breakthrough possible?

Are you willing to reconsider what you have dismissed as impossible?

Are you willing to reach for the ultimate?

#3. Do you want to do what others never thought possible?  

Are you willing to go where others have not?

Are you willing to challenge what others dismiss as impossible?

Often to break through to our ultimate success, we must exceed the expectations of others. They will push back, casting doubt on your dreams.

Are you willing to disagree with them?

Are you willing to hold onto your dream breakthrough when others doubt you?

Believing something is impossible is often the point where most quit.

Will you quit when others discourage you?

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#4. Are you willing to think bigger?

To do what we previously dismissed as impossible requires re-engineering our thinking. Thinking is a process that most have not examined since high school or college. We settled into expectations that dictated a particular process and the expected outcome.

Are you willing to change perspectives so you can see the hidden opportunities?

Are you willing to explore new patterns and processes that will take you much farther?

Too many quit because they refuse to challenge their assumptions or connect the dots in an unorthodox way.

Develop Your Pivotal Thinking

When I returned to college at age 31, I didn’t know what I could do. So I started exploring. At first, I thought about teaching high school. I have a sister who had been a teacher for a decade by then. But as I explored further, I began considering teaching college. That was beyond my comfort zone in part because I couldn’t become a college professor with the thinking I used in warehousing and factory work. I had to shift from the tactical to the strategic and visionary. That was a reach. I didn’t know exactly how to do it but was willing to learn. I’m glad I did because it provided my breakthrough and changed my life.

Are you willing to challenge your assumptions and thinking?

#5. Are you willing to reach higher?

Just saying you want it isn’t enough. You must want it so bad that it becomes an obsession. You must want it to the point of making that your top priority.

If so, how much do you want it?

Dreaming that something is impossible doesn’t make it a reality.

You have to want it so much that you are willing to do what you have never done before.

That requires actively reaching higher than you have ever reached before.

Going back to college required a tremendous amount of energy, ego, and effort. In part, it was a reach because no one in my immediate or extended family had earned a Ph.D. No one had returned to college at 31 to earn a B.S., much less a graduate degree. That meant I had to exceed what was within my reach. I had to purposely enter a wilderness of my unknown, going beyond where I was comfortable, safe, or where life was predictable.

Feeling like there was yet another level to my success, I left academia for private business. That required even more energy, demanded rethinking success, and a drastic shift in perspectives. Yet, it too was worth it. I wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much as I have had I stayed a warehouse worker, been content as a college professor, or even was just another business coach. I’ve continued to reach into the unknown to do and be more. That continual reaching higher brings more excitement, success, and satisfaction. No wonder I’m never content with what I have done. There are too many opportunities emerging every day.

Are you willing to reach that high?

Your Challenge

We all love dreaming. We often enjoy the playfulness of a New Year’s Resolution. However, if we are serious, those dreams can become our breakthrough success.

  • Are you that serious?
  • Are you committed to your breakthrough?
  • Are you ready to make 2022 your pivotal year?

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