8 of the Most Common Types of Pain that Prevent Your Success – and How You Can Release that Potential

Most think that pain threatens our potential. What if you pivoted that perspective to find how pain can be the incentive to ultimately succeed? Would that feel great? Wouldn’t that create great opportunities?

As leaders (entrepreneurs, executives, managers, supervisors) in real estate, sales, human resources, our challenge is to create disruptive innovation. That requires doing what we have never done before. We all know that will involve working through the pain.

This post introduces eight of the most common types of pain that prevent your success as an entrepreneur or employee. When you pivot your perspective, each of these eight can be a springboard to your ultimate success and your team’s success. This post is especially valuable for leaders understanding how to leverage their power to unleash the ultimate performance, production, and profits.

Those that follow me know I write on pivotal success. I’m passionate about helping you break out and break through, thinking bigger to reach higher. I believe each of us should be living 100% alive. 

Types of Pain

Once you set your mind for audacious success, you will experience pain from one of 8 types I’ve detailed in Pivotal Compassion. Each attempt negatively affects our lives. But when we pivot our perspective to think bigger, we can use each to reach higher.

Career Pain

Never before in the history of the world have we had as many opportunities to work as we do today. Whether in person or virtually, the marketplace is open as an employee or entrepreneur.

What pain are you experiencing that your employers or coworkers are inflicting on you?

Now pivot your perspective. What do you want from your career that you currently are not receiving?

Is now a good time to leverage that pain into what you ultimately want?

Financial Pain

We have never had the opportunity to make more money than we do at this time.

What financial pain are you experiencing?

What bills do you want to pay off?

What income do you ultimately want to make?

What new opportunities do you see that can help alleviate that financial pain?

Pivot your perspective. Leverage this pain to push yourself to make more money.

Emotional (Psychological) Pain

I believe everyone should be living 100% ALIVE. Yet most are dying a little bit every day.

What emotional pain are you experiencing?

How much of that pain can be alleviated by pivoting your perspective and seeing it from a healthy perspective?

Pivot your perspective. Choose to live 100% alive.

Physical Pain

Physical pain can quickly ruin our lives. Fortunately, we have more information and treatment than ever before.

What new treatments can help alleviate your chronic pain?

How can you alleviate current and future pain by changing behaviors?

Pivot your perspective. Choose to begin healthy eating and becoming physically fit today.

Cognitive (Intellectual) Pain

Much of our pain can be eliminated by learning information and processes.

What new information do you need to alleviate each type of pain?

What new ways of thinking would benefit you most?

How will that new information and perspective help you leverage this pain into your ultimate success?

Pivot your perspective. Embrace learning. Avoid ignorance.

Spiritual Pain

Many avoid anything spiritual because they limit it to the religious. Instead, pivot your perspective to see the spiritual as who you are and who you want to become. Think of it as where you find your ultimate identity and power. Also, think of the spiritual as your core sense of peace and purpose.

How are you conflicted at your core?

Who do you ultimately want to become?

Pivot your perspective and learn more about your purpose, priorities, and passions.

Family Pain

Family members are those that love us most. It may be through blood or friendship.

How are these people hurting?

How can you help alleviate that pain with each of the other seven types of pain?

Also, are they the source of our pain?

Pivot your perspective. Look beyond your pain to help alleviate the pain of those you love the most. That may be the best way to alleviate your pain.

Pivot your perspective. If your family is causing you pain about pivoting to your ultimate perspective, distance yourself from them. The greatest enemy of great is good enough.

Social Pain

We all need friends and activities to enjoy with those friends.

Are you feeling lonely? Reach out to someone today. Pivot your perspective. Take the initiative.

Do you need better friends? Are your current ones causing you too much pain? Pivot your perspective. Let them go. There has never been a better time to make new friends.

Pivot your perspective. Surround yourself with those who encourage you to learn to do and be your best. Surround yourself with those who are 100% alive and want you to be.

Pivoting Your Pain

As a leader, your organization’s success is likely YOUR choice in pivoting through pain.

As an employee, your career success is YOUR choice to pivot through pain.

Imagine how good you will feel when you pivot pain into possibilities.

What do you choose?

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