Letting Go: The First of 5 Lessons I Learned from a Difficult Transition

What if the transition didn’t have to be such a challenge?

We each go through transitions in life that we don’t want. It might be losing a job or a loved one, a friendship or a dream.

How would your life improve if you learned life hacks to make a transition easier?

In my recent autobiography, Pitchfork to Ph.D., I detailed several difficult transitions I’ve faced in life. I detailed the lessons learned, but also the mistakes I’ve made. In this post, I introduce the first of five lessons I learned that will make your transition easier. I know my life would have been far better if I had let go of what I loved the most but now had lost. Yes, it would have been painful, but far less than losing the next great opportunity. My success would have come much quicker.

My followers and business clients know that I’m passionate about helping people pivot to their next, great opportunity. Life is too short to be stuck. They also know that to get to what they want most, they must tackle difficult business and personal challenges and that often require an undesirable transition.

Our Challenge

Change brings opportunities but it also brings pain. As we transition through the rest of the pandemic, we are wise to recognize that it has not been easy, and we have lost some things that we wish we hadn’t. . Our challenge is to move on, taking the best of what we had from the past while creating new practices for the future.

But it isn’t that easy.

There are some transitions that are unwelcome because they rip away what we treasure most.

Death. Divorce. Illness. Job Termination. Aging. Relocation. Market Changes. Technology Development, Failures, etc.

What transition are you facing?

In this series, I’ll introduce you to five important life hacks for transitioning to seize your next, great opportunity.

1. Let Go

First things first.

The hardest part of transitioning is letting go of what or who we loved. We don’t want to let go because that was one of the best parts of our life. Why would we want to let go of something or somebody so important?

The answer is easy, but don’t take it as calloused: Because we have no other option.

Sometimes life is harsh. Losing a loved one sucks. Losing a career is repulsive. Losing your health is mind-numbing.

But we have no other choice. Of course, save them or it if you can. But once that part of your life is gone, let it go.

That doesn’t mean you don’t love them or didn’t appreciate what they/it brought to your life.

It is a logical decision to continue living.

I have lost a son to suicide and went through an unwanted divorce. I’ve also lost a career that I loved. That means that I know the pain. I also know I made the critical mistake of not letting go quickly enough. My reluctance to transition cost me considerable opportunities and success.

I’ve seen too many refuse to let go, wallowing in their pain and making themselves victims.

We cannot move forward by clinging to the past. To seize the next, best opportunity, let go, even when it means letting go of what and who you loved the most.

With that said, no one can make us let go. We must choose to let go. When we do, we begin living 100% Alive. Without letting go, we die a little bit more every day.

As much as you loved the past, wouldn’t you rather live 100% Alive?

Imagine how quickly the pain will ease when you let go to seize your next, great opportunity.

Live 100% ALIVE

Your Action Plan

  1. What are you having difficulty letting go of today? Identify what you lost and how much it meant.

2. Remind yourself that letting go isn’t saying you didn’t enjoy or value what you lost. Letting go is simply a choice to live your life 100% Alive, making the most of the opportunities you have.

3. Identify what you enjoyed most about that person or situation. Gratefulness helps us move from mourning to the morning, from death to the dawn of a new day.

4. Visualize how that person or past experience can help you leverage your next, great opportunity.

5. Smile. There is much to enjoy in the next segment of your life.

I am Loren Murfield, Ph.D. and I thoroughly enjoy helping individuals sense and seize their ultimate opportunities. Check out my two sites, www.MurfieldCoaching.com for business opportunities, and www.100ALIVE.org for personal peace and possibilities.

Read my story. It doesn’t just detail how I made my transition, it provides a manual to make your transition.

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