What makes your business uniquely valuable?

Everyone has something that makes them uniquely valuable.

Every business has something of unique value that their loyal customers appreciate.

Yes, everyone has something that makes them stand out from everyone else, in a good way.

Many businesses struggle to market successfully. Imagine how much easier it will be when you know the unique value you provide to your most loyal customers. In this post, we will discuss how this goes beyond the typical marketing and how it will open the floodgates to your ultimate success.

Those who follow me know that I am a disruptive thinker, continually pivoting to see the best opportunities. Part of what my customers value is my willingness to reconsider what I thought I knew.

Your Prize Inside

Our unique value, as a business or an individual is our Prize Inside.

It might be a natural talent, such as athletics or music.

It might be a skill that has been developed, such as entertaining an audience or leading a team.

Our prize inside might also be a cheery attitude that lights the room or an eye-opening perspective that provokes pivotal insight.

More likely, it is a combination of all of them.

The Problem

Unfortunately, most people cannot identify what makes them uniquely valuable. So they commit suicide a little bit every day.

They try to be someone else.

They see someone else enjoying success and think, “I can do that.” They spend their days and nights, renting and replicating that identity.

Others try to compete, saying “My prize is better than yours.” They fail to see that celebrating this uniqueness isn’t a competitive, zero-sum game

Then their are those that, under the illusion of competition, seek to destroy others by diminishing their prize inside. They fail to realize is that one can never elevate themselves by tearing another down.

Is there any wonder that most people are killing what makes them uniquely valuable a little bit every day?

Is there any wonder we live in such as selfish, calloused society marked by road rage, political discord, and mass shootings?

You can never live 100% ALIVE by trying to rent, steal, or rape someone else’s prize inside.

Disgusting Results

Yes, you read that right. Trying to steal what makes someone else uniquely valuable is raping them. Yes, that is an ugly word representing an absolutely hideous act. But hear me out.

Our prize inside is what is most intimate and precious to us. It is what makes us so valuable in the world. For someone, or anyone, to take or tarnish that prize inside for their own selfish gain is repulsive. It is the action of a bully.

Yet so many commit this disgusting act.

Competitive individuals, sensing obscurity or being judged inferior, think they must tarnish another lest they lose. They wrongly think that they must guard their territory to be the most popular or successful.

Pivot that thinking. Once you understand your unique value, you will find ways to collaborate and expand the pie to enjoy abundance.

Meanwhile, others will be content in the bloody waters of competition, claiming that they are already successful and that competition is the way of business.

There is a better way. We can all live 100% ALIVE when we pivot our perspective, identify our unique value, and celebrate the unique value of others.

One of the most important gifts a parent can give a child is the gift of accepting that child’s uniqueness.

Fred Rogers

Beyond Competition

A friend was hosting a networking meeting with a dozen participants. As they introduced themselves, they discovered three were bankers. All three suddenly sat up straight and put on their competitive “I’ll beat them” mentality.

The crazy part is that they didn’t see the obvious.

The facilitator purposely pivoted the conversation, drilling down beyond their mundane introductions to help them realize that each offered something different and valuable. They weren’t just banks. They focused on different markets. Some focused on corporate, others midlevel businesses, while the other on the small business community. The large companies could do things that the community banks couldn’t. But it also worked the other way. The community banks had the power to overlook credit scores that large lenders could not. They could also provide far more personal service. The mid level banks offered their own unique value.

Those three bankers had a wakeup call that day. Before they left, they willingly engaged in a collaborative conversation and traded referrals in following meetings.

Isn’t that why they went to the networking meeting?

This concept of the prize inside isn’t just for bankers but also for real estate agents, financial planners, and marketers. Once we as businesses pause to understand our unique value to our clients and customers, we suddenly see why and how we stand out and are valuable to specific segments of the market.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every employee or business owner has something that makes them uniquely valuable. Every employee has a prize inside. We will discuss that in the next blog post.

Identify Your Prize Inside

The Payoff

When we take the time and effort to identify what makes us uniquely valuable and then completely own that identity, we begin living 100% ALIVE. We are Actively Living In Victory Every day.

  • We are no longer discouraged because we have hope.
  • We are no longer depressed because we know our identity and are discovering who will appreciate what we offer.
  • We are no longer defeated because we have a strategy for success.

Imagine how much more successful you can be when you stop trying to be like someone else, and hone what makes you uniquely valuable to your most loyal customers.

Now imagine how you can share that unique value with more customers like those loyal customers.




Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

I have transitioned several times in my adult life and have done many things that I once considered to be “impossible.” Today I am an Executive Coach – Author – Speaker – Filmmaker – Difference Maker – and now TV host, developing aspiring and emerging leaders pivot into their breakthrough success.  Contact me today to begin your pivot.

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