Five steps to fine-tune your fundamentals

What would happen if you revisited your basic skills?

How would reexamining your fundamentals increase your chances of success?

Why might that make the critical difference in living life on your terms?

We all could benefit from re-examining out fundamental skills. After all, that that is why every sports team holds a training camp every year and continues practice throughout the season. Despite everyone being a professional, they constantly work on fundamentals.

To reach the top, we must constantly fine tune our foundation. That is the focus on this post. Imagine how that will accelerate your success.

That often requires enlisting a coach or mentor. They hold us accountable, observing our fundamentals and scrutinizing our our strategy. That is why, when you have the opportunity to work with a coach or mentor, seize it immediately. If not, find a good coach that you can work with that will take you to your ultimate success.

That is the reason I went into executive coaching. Most clients hire me to work on improving their bottom line by addressing their strategic plan, action plans, and execution. This always comes back to focusing on the fundamentals. I also tap life coaching elements that we are discussing in this post. The wise business leader and individual steps back to consider their fundamentals. Just like professional athletes, once a year they revisit, refresh, and refocus on their fundamentals.

4 Fundamentals.

Building a solid foundation is critical for your future success. I’m reminded that when anyone seeks to build a skyscraper, they must first dig deep enough to find bedrock. From there, their lofty dreams begin to come true.

Are you willing to dig deeper to foster your lofty dreams?

Are you willing to take the time and expend the effort to continually pivot, both looking back to hone the basics, and then to dream bigger?

Re-assess your strategic leadership. It is one thing to lead yourself but another to lead an organization in a strategic plan.

I address this in several books and courses. In my Foundations of Success course, I provide five elements that I wished I had known when I was growing up.  

First, we begin by Building our Character. That involves building our integrity, competence, initiative, compassion, accountability, and purpose.

No one wants to admit they need to work on their character, but in reality, we all need to address this daily.

What part of your character needs a little attention?

As a leader in your organization, what is the character of your organization?

Second, we Build our Reputation, which requires honing our competence further, visibility, likeability, collaborating effectively, and lastly, delivering results.

Which one of these elements will help you pivot to your breakthrough?

As a leader in your organization, what is the reputation of your organization?

The third step in the foundations is Building our Confidence by clarifying your identity, being mindful of our accomplishments, focus our thinking, elevating our self-talk, grounding everything in our purpose, and then validating ourselves.

Has your confidence taken a hit recently? Are you feeling smug? Either way, confidence is only as good as we are feeling at this moment. Is this a good time to revisit these elements?

As a leader in your organization, what is the confidence of the executive team? mid level managers? front line employees?

The fourth step is Building our Skills. Having a great attitude is important but we must deliver value. That takes developing vocational skills as well as our ability to lead, think, learn, communicate, and understand our emotions and the emotions of others.

New skills are needed every day. Meanwhile, many old skills are critical for your success in the modern age.

Have you honed the old skills? Are you learning new ones?

As a leader in your organization, what new skills need to be learned? What old skills need to be refreshed?

Fifth, we Build our Strategic Leadership by honing our purpose and strategy, make wise decisions, build strong and innovative teams, plan strategically, take appropriate and timely action, and being resilient.

No matter what your title or role, every one of us benefits from becoming a strategic leader. We are in command of our own career and life. We make the short and long term decisions. As I’ve said many time, our success is our choice.

Do you have a plan? Is that plan still viable? What changes need to be made?

As a leader in your organization, is your strategic plan viable? How can it be adjusted to seize the best opportunities?

Revisit your fundamentals.

Building a strong foundation is critical for building the best future. The deeper we go and the better we build that foundation, the higher we can dream.




Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

I have transitioned several times in my adult life and have done many things that I once considered to be “impossible.” Today I am an Executive Coach – Author – Speaker – Filmmaker – Difference Maker – and now TV host, developing aspiring and emerging leaders pivot into their breakthrough success.  Contact me today to begin your pivot.

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