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Loren Murfield, Ph.D

Visionary Facilitator, Strategic Advisor

Walt Disney was right, it is fun to do the impossible. Unfortunately many are too willing to play it safe and settle for incremental progress. They miss opportunities to set themselves apart, disrupt the marketplace or make significantly more money. That is where I come in. With my cutting-edge process, I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to think bigger and reach higher. That is when they discover how to leverage their power to unleash the ultimate performance, production, and profits in their organization.

I often hear clients comment, “Wow, I hadn’t thought about it like that.” Breakthrough success begins with awareness of our thinking. I start there to shift their perspective, challenge their assumptions, and consider new alternatives. But we move to the next level to become bolder, examine unconventional paradigms and even dare to break a few traditional rules. At that level, we can confidently consider our reach, scale, and potential by expanding our vision, expertise, and credibility to do what others think is impossible. You don’t have to be a genius to disrupt the marketplace but can learn to think like one. You can develop the habits to do the impossible.  Yes, that is a lot of fun.

I have known Dr. Murfield for several years. As a business consultant, he is second to none. His wisdom and insights help organizations set, work and achieve their goals. As a facilitator, Dr. Murfield possesses exceptional leadership and communication skills which foster effective and efficient group dynamics. As an author, he is prolific with his own material and poignant when helping others translate their experiences into a publishable manuscript.

Dr. Harold Shinitzky
Sports Psychologist
Motivational Speaker
National Consultant

Dr. Harold Shinitzky, Sports Psychologist

In working with Dr. Murfield as a colleague at the Centre Club and in a mastermind group, he helped me explore possibilities I hadn’t considered.  I really appreciate his insight and support and know I can count on him for an honest and open exchange of ideas.

Jennifer Frasier
The Creative Stable

Jennifer Frasier

My Life Journey

* Executive Coach (2003 to present) working with executives, managers, aspiring leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs.

* Author of 12 books including “The Black Book of Making More Money in Tough Times” (2009/2018) “Now What?: Sensing and Seizing Opportunities When You Need Them Most” (2010/2018),”Making More Money in 2012″ , “The ROI of Compassion” (2010/2018), and “From Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business.” (2007/2018)

* Ghostwriter and Book Writing Coach, specializing in writing Legacy Books. Coauthored “10 Minutes of Insanity” with 1972 Heisman Winner Johnny Rodgers (2016) and authored “Humble Homesteaders: A South Dakota Legacy of Integrity (2010). Weekly blogger since 2012.

* Informational and Inspirational Speaker

* Visionary Facilitator as Founder and President: Murfield International since 2003.

* Former Dean of the Speakers Academy: National Speakers Association – Central Florida chapter. 2010-1011

* Adjunct Faculty: Roger Williams University, Graduate Leadership Program. 2010-2012

* College Professor (Full time and adjunct) since 1988 teaching Undergraduate and MBA courses in Leadership, Self-Leadership, Negotiation Strategies, Conflict Management, Managerial Communication, Innovative Organizational Presentations, Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Interviewing, Debate, Small Group Problem Solving, Interpersonal Communication, Communication Theory, Media and Politics, Public Relations, Organizational Communication and Persuasion

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