lorenstandingchairdark-4217I am Dr. Loren Murfield, “the Opportunity professor” who helps individuals and organizations unleash their ultimate performance, production, and profits by leveraging their power to seize opportunities that many did not think possible.

Listen to My Story

Few would have thought they would be seeing me in this role today because as a middle child of 8 and the 4th of 5 boys, no one expected I would do anything significant. They would have thought any graduate work, especially a Ph.D. was out of the question, especially given I didn’t get my bachelor’s degree until I was 33. No one gave me much of a chance to teach college on the east coast after growing up on a farm outside of a tiny town in South Dakota. If that isn’t enough, most thought it was clearly impossible for me to write 8 books in one year, become an entrepreneur, teach in a graduate leadership program or become the biographer of a Heisman winner. No one really could see it, but that is part of the fun – doing what no thought we could do.

I have become a visionary, one who sees a radical new world that is ever evolving and forever changing.  I have also developed an insight to find meaning, purpose, and themes within a person’s story.  I use a variety of methods ranging from thought-provoking speeches, executive coaching, online courses, insightful books, blogs and articles and my trademark 90 Minute Opportunity Challenge.

How did I do what so many thought impossible?  I wasn’t always this focused on the Ultimate, instead of struggling to find my way.  Too often I was confused, disoriented and misguided, but I kept searching. After my first year of college, I worked DisruptiveLeadersShocktheWorldsmallvarious manual labor jobs ranging from an order filler in a warehouse to an electrician’s helper in a housing factory to a janitor in a college.  I finally found my opportunity to return to college at age 30, not knowing exactly what I would study, just knowing I needed a college education to live the life I wanted.  That was where my thinking began to change.

In my first semester back, despite my blue-collar training, I set my course on being a college professor. There were no other professors in my family, only one distant cousin that had earned his doctorate.  Nevertheless, I set my goal and knew my first challenge was completing my bachelor’s degree with honors, the threshold requirement for acceptance to graduate school.  Acceptance is only the beginning of the opportunity, so I worked diligently to complete my Master’s Degree and ultimately the Ph.D., which I earned in Communication Studies from the University of Nebraska. Along the way, I became a deep thinker.  I also became an expert in analyzing stories and assessing the power of language to create and destroy. As a College Professor, I taught 23 undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication, Business, Politics and Leadership.  I served as Department Chair, revised curriculum, designed new courses, and organized a bus trip for 45 political communication students to D.C. where they had the rare opportunity for a private presentation from a speechwriter for President Clinton.

unisphere-22971But I knew there was another level in my thinking.   In 2003, I left academia to pursue opportunities as an Executive Coach, where I collaborated with professional athletes, budding entrepreneurs, business owners and decision makers.  I formed Murfield International, Inc., in 2003 as my formal business entity, and in  2004  began my life as an Entrepreneur when I co-founded the Osei-Mensah and Murfield School of Communication and telecommunications consulting firm in Accra, Ghana.  I officially became an Author in 2007, with the publication of my first book, and by 2010 had published my tenth, with plans for several more.  I joined the National Speakers Association in 2008 and served as the Central Florida chapter’s Dean of the Speakers Academy for 2010-11.  2010 brought me back into academia when I joined the Roger Williams University Graduate Leadership program as an Adjunct Faculty member.  I designed and taught the Self-Leadership course as well as courses in leadership and negotiation. Along the way, I have collaborated with others to seize incredible opportunities to make a difference.  In 2015, I partnered with a retired Navy Force Master Chief to create www.PWRuniversity.com.  Our goal is to work with aspiring and emerging leaders leverage their power through online courses.  Click here to check PWR UniversityAnd my thinking is still evolving.  I am constantly finding new opportunities, weighing them carefully and pursuing only the best.  Where will it all end?  I’m not sure but will definitely enjoy the journey.

So look around the site.  Check out the blogs.  Follow me on Twitter.  Let’s engage in the conversation.

After all, life is filled with great opportunities to do what so many things is impossible.  Contact me today to discuss how I can work with you to sense and seize incredible business and personal opportunities.  Click here to begin doing what no one thought was impossible for you.

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