My Message

The world is changing and changing more rapidly every day.  That means we cannot lead in 2019 or 2020 with 2017 or even 2018 thinking. I help individuals and organizations Leverage their Power in the modern world to Create the Radical Change that sets them apart.  The old power we were accustomed to using is no longer efficient or effective to  launch and maintain our success in the digital age of the sharing economy.  We must transform our thinking and create the cutting-edge culture in our organizations to break through. That requires leveraging, not wielding, leadership power.  That also means we focus on radical change, not incremental change.  Once we make this quantum leap, we will find the new world of opportunities opening up before our very eyes.  This message holds the power to significantly improve lives, careers, companies, countries and even the world.  Yes, this message makes the impossible possible.

My Mission


My mission is to help you Think Bigger and Reach Higher to make your breakthrough in your Career, Business, and Leadership. This requires more than just using new technology but embracing a new vision of success, a radically different view of leadership and a revolutionary approach to power.   I know where the world is going and it is my mission to help those aspiring and emerging leaders see the opportunities and empower themselves and their team to seize them.  I am determined to help you not only change but Create a Revolutionary Transformation.

My Method

I help my clients Re-engineer  their Thinking, Renew their Spirit and set Higher Goals to Sense and Seize Opportunities in the modern world.   To do that I use a variety of methods, all thoroughly grounded in  practicality, infused with historic best practices while redesigned with cutting edge research.

As a public speaker, I inspire and educate audiences with thought-provoking stories and information that intrigues each to leave pondering their options and eager to seize their opportunities.  The spoken word creates great experiences that transforms our lives.

As an author, I explore topics torn from the challenges of our daily lives –  permeated with practical application but backed by the best theory.  Books allow us to travel far beyond our humble lives to lead great adventures – doing the impossible.  Catch the spirit.  Live the dream.

As an Executive Coach and Visionary Facilitator I  work with individual decision makers at the pinpoint of the connection to their personal and professional lives in order to re-engineer their thinking.  Together, we work to help them see more opportunities, work smarter to set higher goals, acquire the best knowledge, hone their skills to the ultimate level and develop the preeminent attitude.  Transform your thinking.  Dare to Care.  Seize Your Ultimate Opportunity.  Do the Impossible!

As a collaborative entrepreneur, I work with like-minded individuals on projects of mutual interest and benefit.  Great things happen when good people work together.

My Market

I’m committed to helping aspiring and emerging leaders leverage their power to do what followers and critics think is impossible.

My market is the motivated individual who wants to think bigger and driven to do more.

If you are serious about break through in this rapidly changing world, Contact me today at

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