I have known Dr. Murfield for several years. As a business consultant, he is second to none. His wisdom and insights help organizations to set, work and achieve their goals. As a facilitator, Dr. Murfield possesses exceptional leadership and communication skills which foster effective and efficient group dynamics. As an author, he is prolific with his own material and poignant when helping others translate their experiences into a publishable manuscript.

Dr. Harold Shinitzky


In working with Dr. Murfield as a colleague at the Centre Club and in a mastermind group, he helped me explore possibilities I hadn’t considered.  I really appreciate his insight and support and know I can count on him for an honest and open exchange of ideas.

Jennifer Frasier
TheCreative Stable


In working with Dr.Mufield, I gained critical insight into many of the business challenges that faced me and my start-up(business).  Dr. Murfield’s subtle and coaxing approach uncovered an enlightened perspective that I am sure that I would not have seen without his help.

Kevin Knowles


In working with Dr. Murfield as Chair of The Centre Club Board of Governors I get to be challenged, empowered and motivated for action by Dr. Murfield’s thoughtful approach to disruptive change.

Rahul N. Mehra, M.D.
CEOand Chief Medical Officer