Buy My Vote

To all presidential candidates. With the Florida primary coming next week and the national election later this year, I have decided to seize this special opportunity and offer my vote for sale.  You have already been hounding me filling my voicemail with countless phone calls, cluttering my mailbox with slick flyers and annoying me with… Read More

Amazing Creativity

In the passing of Steve Jobs, many have marveled at how he created technology that transformed our world.  The accolades are deserved as he brought us devices that improved our lives such as the Apple computer, the IPod and I Pad.  When measuring his impact on society through technology, he stands shoulder to shoulder with… Read More

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Opportunities Blog Loren Murfield, Ph.D. Recently an Austrian man was digging in his yard and, to his surprise, found a buried treasure.  As he started looking at it carefully, sometime later, he realized he had not only a couple but actually hundreds of pieces of jewelry and other precious objects that were… Read More