Are You Surprised? 3 Reasons Why Compassion Leads to Disruption

Do you remember a time when you changed vendors because they understood your needs better.  The old provider never seemed to get it quite right, failing to listen to what you said you needed.  They seemed to care more about what was easiest for them than serving you as a customer.  But then you found… Read More

How do you take the Right Disruptive Action?

A strategy without action is Wishing. There is no hope without a plan of action. Just as there should be no action without a strategy. Wouldn’t it be insane to take the time and energy to create a disruptive strategy but then not to take action? And wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to create the… Read More

How do You Prioritize 2019 Disruption?

Everyone knows that Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people in the world.  Many are surprised to learn that he lives in Omaha in a house that he purchased in the 1960s.  In an interview many years ago, he was asked why he did not live near Wall Street. “There are too many distractions. … Read More

How to Strategize Disruption like Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu believed that as you assess five elements you will quickly be able to develop a winning strategy. This is the third article in a series on developing your disruptive strategy for 2019. In the two previous articles, I detailed the disruptive vision and focus. One of the critical advantages I provide to my executive… Read More

How to F.O.C.U.S. on Disruptive Success in 2019

It’s all about focus. To disrupt, you need to concentrate on what others never thought possible. To disrupt is to go beyond change or even radical change. Disrupting is changing the rules, shifting the paradigm and purposely positioning ourselves to focus on a new market.  This post is the second in a series on planning… Read More