Coaching you and your future leaders to think disruptively is one of the best choices you can make for your company. By enlisting Murfield Coaching to solve your significant problems, you are empowering your emerging leaders with an inside track to their breakthrough. Imagine what that will do for you and your future.

Check out the following five Disruptive Leader Programs.

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1. 90 Minute Opportunity Challenge

Was $597 – Summer Special $397

(Through Sept 30, 2021)

After your free 15 minute session, we recommend everyone take our 90 minute Opportunity Challenge. We challenge you with 15 trends that will threaten every business, leader or individual in the next year or two. From there we work to help you identify 3 new ways you can make more money or make a significant difference. This is the shortest program Murfield Coaching offers – just 90 minutes.

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2. Your “Unique Value Challenge” – 3 Hours

Was $997 – Summer Special $697

(expires Sept 30, 2021)

Most individuals work outside-in thinking the world is right-side up. No wonder they are upside down. They fail to fully grasp their unique value and miss incredible opportunities because they did not realize their ultimate value. Most everyone identify their talents but fail to fully appreciate their uniqueness and ultimate value to customers, employers and the community.

Clients work to identify, value, own, share and celebrate their prize inside. This coaching protocol empowers individuals with a crystal clear focus, sense of purpose, confidence, vision and drive. This program also works to help leaders celebrate the prize inside each of their team members. This is an excellent opportunity for

  • Small Businesses Owners,
  • Emerging Leaders,
  • Sales Professionals looking for an advantage, and
  • Individuals Changing Careers.

Your Ultimate Value Challenge provides a good understanding of how you are different and more valuable than your competitors.

3. “Strategies for Your Success” (4-5 hours)

Was $1297 – Summer Special $997

(expires Sept. 30, 2021)

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It pays to have a strategy. We have created a five point strategic plan that works to bring everyone together on your team to share the same vision, communicate clearly and forecast the problems. Email today to learn more.

4. “16 Ways to Think Disruptively” Mastermind – (6 – 90 minute group sessions)

Was $3597 – Summer Special $2997

(expires Sept. 30, 2021)

Work with like-minded entrepreneurs and decision makers to re-engineer your thinking and do what others have not thought possible. In this 6 session mastermind, you will be introduced to 16 methods of thinking proven to solve difficult problems, create new products and services, while transforming the way we view opportunities. The next mastermind is schedule to begin in February or March, 2020. Sessions are 90 minutes and held every other week in Tampa. Schedule your 15 minute call to begin seeing what other leaders can’t, won’t or don’t.

5. Executive Coaching – (Weekly 60 minute Individual Sessions)

Working with a coach yields great results. However, working with Dr. Murfield goes beyond the “buy an answer” most coaches and consultants use. He works with you to think bigger and reaching higher by asking the provocative questions, not selling a canned answer. Disruptive leaders understand the need to challenge their vision, strategies, practices, procedures so they can create innovations that are better, faster and cheaper but also transforming the world to make it a better place. Contact us to Schedule Your 15 minute call to accelerate your disruptive success.

Loren Murfield, PhD


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