Murfield Coaching works with clients to leaders to create a cutting-edge culture where executives, managers and staff are willingly embracing five elements.

  1. They change perspectives. Great opportunities are missed when teams are too wedded to one world view. When we foster flexibility and are willing to change our perspective, we often see what we never imagined. No wonder we can solve persistent problems with solutions that are better, faster and cheaper.
  2. They think bigger. Too many opportunities are missed because the team isn’t thinking big enough. Sometimes it requires scaling the approach or the effort. Other times it is dreaming more of what can be than what is currently feasible. Other times it requires re-learning the process of thinking to consider what is possible. The result is often mind boggling results. When we think bigger, our problems often become smaller.
  3. They know compassion is the best business practice. When we care about the pain of our team, they care about us. When we care enough to alleviate the pain of our customers, they become raving fans, loyal customers and product evangelists. But when we neglect their pain, we stand alone wondering why there is no breakthrough, no cutting-edge, no innovation. Cutting-edge organizations lead with compassion to leverage the power to do the impossible.
  4. They leverage power instead of wield it. Breakthroughs come from collaboration which thrives on leverage not force and collaboration not competition. In the end, cutting-edge cultures work together to deliver seemingly impossible results.
  5. Everyone communicates the legacy story. Cutting-edge cultures find everyone sharing in and communicating a legacy story. It’s our story, not just another slick marketing pitch. It’s our breakthrough story of working together to do what others only imagined. That becomes a legacy, something that others will talk about for decades. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that type of success? It is a story of breaking through, doing what others never thought possible.

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