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Loren Murfield, Ph.D

Visionary Facilitator, Strategic Advisor, Ghost Writer

“They burn a history book at every funeral.”

My father shared that with me about a year before he passed. Fortunately, I had written Humble Homesteaders, the book about my parents, a year earlier. In writing that book, I have come to appreciate 4 important lessons.

First, it gave them an opportunity for my parents to tell their complete story, from childhood on through their senior days. Each individual story explained their perspective in a way that explained who was important to them, what they did as well as how and why they lived the way they did.

Second, it allowed me to ask questions that I had neglected or had not had the opportunity to ask before. Too often we are so busy living that we don’t ask obvious questions.

Third, writing their book helped me understand those stories in a fresh way. We change as we become parents and grandparents so we see our parents differently.

Fourth, this project was a gift to my parents. The gift was not just the printed copy but also the assurance that their lives mattered and that they made a significant difference.

Fifth, the published book will provide a way for future generations of our family to enjoy my parent’s stories, learn from their experiences and understand the legacy they have received.

Don’t let your book be burned?

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Process for Writing Your Legacy Book or Video

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Creating your Legacy Book or Video can be completed in 16 weeks if you are prepared, diligent and proactive.


Step 1. Decide, Define & Direct: Create Vision for the Book-Video

We connect to become acquainted, build a sense of purpose and then create a vision for your book. We connect via Skype or in-person (travel fees may apply) to gauge the scope and depth of the project, set expectations, build a working outline and identify preliminary questions. (First installment is due) - (Week 1)


Step 2. Create and Share Questions

I share my questions with you and you gather questions from your family. That gives both of us an opportunity to be prepared and make the interviewing as valuable and efficient as possible. Timeline: Within 1 week of the first meeting. - (Week 2)


Step 3. Investigate: Interview You

I interview you either via skype or in the comfort of your living room (or other location of your choice. Travel fees may apply). I ask the questions, following a predetermined and agreed upon format. At that time, we can identify critical photos and documents. I can collect them if in digital format. - (Week 3)


Step 4. Write-Video Produce 1st Draft

This is the first rough draft. I’ll write everything we have covered in the interview, arrange the material according to the agreed outline and do a preliminary grammar and spelling check. Timeline: Within 4 weeks of interview. - (Week 4)


Step 5. 1st Author Review: Author Review of Content & Flow

You are only reading to make sure the story is accurate, the right content is included, and it flows nicely. You will want to make sure you are pleased with the “voice” of the book-video. How does this sound to you? Is it like you would want to be represented? Are there stories that, after a second thought, should not be included? Are there any stories that should be added. Ignore spelling and grammar at this point. Critically important at this point is to add an additional story and information that is pertinent to the book. This is the last chance you have to add content. Please make sure that any desired changes are in writing as oral instructions are less reliable. We want to get it right the first time. (Timeline: 2 weeks after receiving 1st Draft.) - (Week 5 & 6)


Step 6. 2nd Draft: Ghostwriter Rewrite

I make the revisions and resubmit to you for final content approval. I will take 1-2 weeks to make the changes you stated in your review, focusing heavily on ensuring the content is as you have instructed, the book-video flows well and the facts are correct. (Timeline: 1-2 weeks). - (Week 7 & 8)


Step 7. 2nd Author Review

This is your last opportunity to review the content. Are all the stories there? Do they flow together well? In other words, does each story make sense where it is placed? Are there any grammar or spelling corrections to be made? Then you need to review all the facts. This can be tedious but critical because once a book is in print, people tend to consider it as fact. We don’t want to mislead anyone. - (Week 9)


Step 8. 3rd Draft: Make intricate adjustments plus adding photos

Photos often make the legacy book. They are the emotional connection to the written story. It is in the photos that future generations will see a little bit of themselves in you. It will also be where they better understand who you were and what conditions you lived in. Each time your grandchildren and great-grandchildren flip through the book they know you a little bit better. It is almost as if they were having a conversation with you. - (Week 10)


Step 9. 3rd Review: Send to 3 Family members or Friends for Review

I provide a draft copy to send to no more than 3 individuals who are friendly to the project. We want their input so we can either avoid family drama or correct any facts that we were not aware of. We want their honest opinion. - (Week 11)


Step 10. Discuss Reaction & Make Minimal Changes

We want to make sure that the book-video doesn’t violate sensitivities. At this point, we can tone things down if needed. - (Week 12)


Step 11. 4th Draft

I make the adjustments and return it to you for your final approval. Take time to carefully cover each word and item as this is the final read through. We want it to be perfect. - (Week 13)


Step 12. Design Front & Back Covers plus Interior Pages for publication

We work with my vendor or yours to create the front cover design. I construct the remaining pages necessary for publication, such as Publisher’s page, table of contents, and the acknowledgments page. - (Week 13)


Step 13. Final Draft submitted to Author

I provide a prepublication copy of the entire document. Unless something has been done incorrectly, the book-video is complete. - (Week 14)


Step 14. Author Approval of Final Draft

You provide written approval of the document. - (Week 15)


Step 15. Publication

Publication is making the book-video available to others. If you choose to purchase paperbacks or hardcovers, I will share my vendors with you. If desired, I will publish your book on in paperback, eBook and audiobook (through their free service). Any other sources will be your responsibility. - (Week 16)

Having a Legacy Book-Video is one of the best ways you can preserve "who you are" and "what you accomplished" for those who follow you, whether they be family, friends or those who just want to learn more about "you".

Reach out to me and let's talk today about Preserving your History with a Legacy Book-Video!