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Our Mission

Murfield Coaching works with leaders and organizations to solve five debilitating business problems through innovative thinking. We are a collaborative company seeking to solve these five significant problems.

  • 1. Disengaged Employees.
  • 2. Employee Trauma.
  • 3. Conventional Cultures.
  • 4. Poor Communication.
  • 5. Leaders Wielding Power.

These problems cost U.S. companies billions of dollars annually in direct costs to productivity and trillions to the U.S. economy through indirect costs. Murfield Coaching is committed to delivering solutions to small, medium and large companies.

Our Solution

We have studied the most productive companies and identified Innovative Thinking as the critical component that unleashes the ultimate performance, production and profits. Those Cutting-Edge companies have cultures that embrace change, are driven by innovation, filled with compassion, leverage power and communicate effectively to leave a legacy story.

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Our Focus

Our work in creating Cutting-Edge Cultures has four major focuses.: Research, Publishing, and Consulting/Coaching.


Solving significant problems begins by noticing. To that end we utilize our training as researchers to identify trends and opportunities through observation, textual analysis, survey and other methods that ensure honest assessments of critical situations. We are currently seeking contacts with policy makers in foreign governments and corporations. Do you have a contact? Please email us today.


We write, publish and speak to share our knowledge and increase awareness of critical issues. We have published 12 books and preparing to release three more before the end of 2019. We speak at local, regional and national levels to share our information. Check out our books and speaking opportunities. Would our information and insight be valuable to your organization? Email us today.


We speak to raise awareness, build contacts, create collaborative partners that work together to create more effective and efficient organizations by creating cutting-edge cultures.


We work with leaders and organizations to create cutting-edge cultures that deliver the ultimate performance, production and profits. We balance cutting edge knowledge with intense practicality and the ultimate level of caring to help our clients create the breakthrough they desire.