To develop leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees to become disruptive innovators who think bigger, reach higher, and do what you once thought impossible, I offer videos to a) relieve anxiety, b) motivate you, and c) help you meditate on what matters most.

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Pivotal Peace Videos: Anxiety Relief

Our world is filled with stress that causes anxiety. I have created my Pivotal Peace videos to help you relax by coming away into images of the National Parks and other beautiful sights. These videos offer no narration so you can immerse yourself in the images and music.

Pivotal Minute Videos: One Minute Motivations

We all need encouragement so I’ve created inspirational and motivational short videos to help you start your day or kickstart your afternoon.

Pivotal Perspectives Videos: Meditations from the National Parks

Going away on vacations provides the shift in perspectives we often need to recalibrate our thinking, reassess our priorities, and rethink our strategy. These videos are approximately 30 minutes or more and filled with one-minute meditations focusing on important topics we often neglect. Each of these videos focuses on a National Park.

This video series is expanding to several other parks so check back often to see the latest offerings.