Murfield Coaching teams up with Momentum Real Estate to offer two entertaining and thought provoking podcasts.

Holy Crap, How’d They Do That?

By Doc and The Cop.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Holy crap, how’d they do that?” Dr. Loren Murfield and Pat Lynch take on disruptive thinking and give you the answers to that questions and much more.

Dr. Loren Murfield is a former college professor who works with business leaders small and large to do what they never thought possible. Pat Lynch is a retired police supervisor from a large metropolitan department, now partnering with motivated Florida real estate agents looking to stand out above the rest. Together, they’re “Doc and the Cop” and they’re here to help you think bigger and reach higher!Listen.

“Trends, Bends & Opportunities”, a FREE daily VIRTUAL training providing you with the insight to help navigate your business in this rapidly changing environment. Hosts Pat Lynch, Dr. Loren Murfield and their guests will be presenting practical and tactical information to help you NOW, see the possibilities and thrive TODAY! Each episode we engage in a lively conversation, usually with a guest, about the pressing issues of the day. Listen or Watch.

Are you ready to Think Bigger?