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Become a Disruptive Leader

Build a Disruptive Team

Thinking Bigger to Create A Diverse Team

Communicate Disruptively

Best Practices for Communicating with the C Suite

Listening Effectively

Lunch & Learn Presentations

For those of you in the Tampa Bay area or those looking for virtual presentations to their groups, we offer the following presentations. As you can see, we have quite a number of presentations that we have given. This comes from Dr. Murfield teaching 23 undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication, Leadership and Business as well as writing 12 books and coaching for two decades. In addition, Lisa Murfield, MBA brings her 20+ years of HR leadership in several industries. Together we provide cutting edge research and theory with best business practices and disruptive innovation thinking.

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Employee Engagement

Celebrating the Prize Inside Each Employee

Celebrate the Prize Inside

Only 30% of American workers are fully engaged. Why? The complex answer can be simplified to one area: disconnection. There is a disconnect between employee passion and the organizational vision. In this presentation, we address 5 steps to help all team members, staff, managers and executives, identify, value, own, share and celebrate the prize inside themselves and others. This presentation will bring a new appreciation to your entire team. It will also disrupt much of how you see the process of building and celebrating a team. This presentation will also help identify disruptive opportunities for the team.

All team members will leave:

  • Recognizing the value of compassionate team unity and the cost of disengagement
  • Applying the 5 step process to our own lives
  • Applying the 5 Step process to our team
  • A model for celebration that resonates for years and lingers throughout the organization.

Employee Trauma

Employee Trauma: What Do We Do Now?

Mass shootings. Hurricanes. Suicides. Cancer. Accidents. Divorce. Employees suffer trauma outside of the workplace every day but it doesn’t stay there. Instead it attacks and continues to linger long after others have moved on. In this presentation, you will learn how to foster strategic and spontaneous compassion that works with individuals and the organization to survive the pain, strengthen the culture and foster peak performance, production and profits.

Attendees will leave with:

  • An Assessment the Current and Future Impact of Employee Trauma in Their Organization
  • an Understanding of the Types of Compassion and how each works to proactively and reactively minimize the effects of trauma.
  • Several ways to craft Policies, Procedure and Practices from your position.

Disruptive Innovation

5 Trends that Will Disrupt Every Business in the Next 5 Years

The world is changing so rapidly and radically that 2020 provides a threshold for many businesses. In this presentation, we will discuss five of the most disruptive trends that will disrupt every industry within five years. Those tracking the trends today will be the first to identify their breakthrough business opportunities. Those ignoring the trends will face debilitating threats.

You will walk away:

  • with an Awareness of the 5 most Disruptive Trends
  • Having Identified the Significant Threats in Each Trend
  • Having Identified Disruptive Opportunities in Each Trend.

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