I work with audiences so they can envision doing the impossible in the radical new world of opportunities developing around us.  No wonder they become captivated, connected and compelled to act. THEY CAN’T WAIT TO SEIZE THEIR OPPORTUNITIES and leverage their 3D power into disruptive results.

What set’s me apart?  I think differently, deeper than most and with a refreshing challenge.  My gift is that I help audiences see their world from a fresh perspective and a radically different way of thinking. No wonder they leave with a clearer vision, pondering a different strategy and determined to execute quickly to leave a lasting legacy.

20160621_102256But this is no accident.  I carefully construct every speech to engage audience sensitivities and break through into that new world with compelling stories, in-depth information and inspiring but simple application. Yes, I strategically work to a create a unique blend of practicality and passion that obliterates the ordinary in audience members long after the presentation. Once turned on to a deeper level of thinking and a higher level of living, audiences will thank you for this life changing and business altering experience.   I am determined to transform your thinking with information, perspective and clear application in a very practical manner.  Audiences will apply the practical lessons immediately in their professional and personal lives.  But be forewarned, I will challenge them as few have done.  Many will find their heads spinning with great ideas for several days.  They can’t wait to attempt what they used to think was impossible.  Won’t that be great? Wouldn’t you love to have your organization considering how they can do what the organization has never been able to do before?

20160620_073939I’m no stuffy professor, I utilize the best learning theory and involve participants in all three learning styles.  No one is left out.  I maximize the different types of questions to generate introspection, motivation, resolution and implementation.   Participants often say, “I wish I would have had professors like him in college.”  My goal is to move everyone to the top of the class because life is too short for ordinary results.  Why mess around in mediocrity when we can do the impossible? 

Current Speech Titles”

“Leveraging Leadership Power in the Sharing Economy”

“Strategizing Radical Change by Becoming a Disruptive Leader”

“Leading with the Power of Compassion: Strategizing Your Ultimate Success in the Sharing Economy.”

To know and appreciate me, you must understand that I speak from a very specific focus: Doing the Impossible in the Cutting Edge World I describe as 3 Dimensional.   I often weave historical practical and time-honored principles with cutting edge modern examples and opportunities.Does that excite you?

SHRM16 SelfieI am very flexible and can also speak on any of the books I have written (see Books tab).  Please note, I customize each speech to the specific audience, whether it is a large conference or an intimate gathering.

Tweets from my latest speech.

Inspired to be a Disruptive Leader. Great talk @TheOpProf!#SmartStage #SHRM16
Great smart stage session at #SHRM16! #change#breakthrough @TheOpProf 

Audiences leave with an abundance of information, renewed energy, a fresh perspective and applicable tips to change their lives, work and future. Comments often heard are:  Ag Museum 085

Dr. Murfield was our professor for the first installment of our “Master Business Owners” course series.  He used his own personal experience to help myself and other fellow business owners in the room understand what keeps a business viable and relevant.  By requiring participation and sharing amongst the class members he guided us through an exercise that helped each of us understand the “WHY” of both our own business’s existence and our customer’s need for our product/service.  Ultimately, keeping track of the “WHY” allows you stay relevant and build on your customer base.  It also helps to keep the business focused on those actions that target the “WHY” of the customer.  It was a great 2 hours, and I would recommend anyone spend a few hours with Dr. Murfield to help focus their own efforts.  He helped to show us that a key to continued success is regularly reevaluating your customers true needs and then focusing on meeting those needs.

-Gilbert Bennett

Mortgage Broker

Begin improving your organization’s performance today by contacting Dr. Murfield at Loren@MurfieldCoaching.com

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