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  • “7 Reasons why Compassion the Best Business Strategy?”
  • “Accepting the ‘What if’ Challenge to Create Cutting Edge Teams”
  • “7 Steps to Turn the World Upside-Down as a Disruptive Leader”
  • “Building Innovative Teams”
  • “Dealing with Difficult Workers, Leaders or Customers”
  • “Leading with the P.O.W.E.R. of Compassion.”
  • “Dealing with Trauma Inside and Outside the Workplace”
  • “Leading Volunteers”
  • “Leveraging Leadership Power: “It is Easier Than You Think”
  • “Making Great Decisions”
  • “Leading in 9 Leadership Situations”



  • “Speaking C.O.D.: Building a Dynamic Speech”     
  • “Dynamic Delivery Tips”
  •  “Addressing Your Team: 5 Tips for Building Rapport”
  •  “7 Secrets to Integrate PowerPoint without Torturing Your Audience”


  • “Listening when You Don’t Feel Like it.”
  • “Best Practices for Listening Effectively Any Situation.”
  •  “Effective Listening to Employees/Peers/and Executives”

Organizational Communication:

  •  “Communication with the C Suite”


  •   “Competitive Negotiating: Knock Their Socks Off”
  •   “Negotiating Your Professional Breakthrough”
  •    “Collaborative Negotiating: Yes it Does Work.”
  •    “5 Mistakes Most People Make in Negotiating What You Really Want”


  •   “5 Ways to Say No and Remain Employed”
  •    “Getting them to Say ‘Yes’ without Guilt”
  •    “12 Ways Others Use Guilt and How You Can Still Say ‘No’”

Nonverbal Communication:

  •   “What is Your Body Saying?”


  • Sales “Reaching Higher by Tapping the Unseen”
  • Customer Retention “Remember: One in the Hand is worth 2 in the Bush.”
  • Customer Service “Think: It’s all about the Pain”
  • Employee Engagement “How ‘I Don’t Care’ is Costing Billions”
  • Strategic Planning  “5 Trends that will Disrupt Every Business in the next 5 Years”

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