The paradigm for leadership is in the midst of a radical transformation due to the rapid speed of technological and cultural change.  Where once leaders and organization enjoyed a monopoly on power, today the balance has shifted and followers have choices never before envisioned. To lead in what we call the 3D world, leaders must connect and collaborate with compassion. However, most leaders are not prepared mentally or emotionally to lead with compassion. We must go beyond engagement and deeper than Emotional Intelligence.  In this engaging, enlightening and energizing presentation, participants will discover the age old secret that is empowering radical and rapid change in the workplace. Those attending will learn the motivation, benefits, and process of becoming a compassionate leader.

Upon completion of the presentation, participants will be able to:
 Assess the problems of compassion, the consequences of not caring, and the R.O.I. of compassion in the sharing economy.
 Implement a four stage process of what is called the Compassionate Leadership model.
 Articulate the R.O.I. of Compassionate Leadership to executives, managers and employees on Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels.

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