space-shuttle-ignite your thoughtsToday’s sharing economy offers tremendous opportunities for increased performance, production and profits. However, to capitalize, organizations are challenged to tap rarely used energy sources that require a paradigm shift in their strategy, operational and tactical approaches. While this is not an easy shift, organizations embracing this shift and tapping new energy sources are the ones who disrupt the status quo.   The each employee has a unique position, perspective and responsibility to influence that power shift at the strategic level, influencing the vision, operations, policies and procedures.   Understanding how to best leverage that leadership power faster and better will be the measure of their success and, quite possibly, the tipping point for the organization.

Upon completion of the presentation, professionals should be able to:

  • Assess the strategic opportunities available to organizations in the Sharing Economy
  • Articulate the Implications of making this Power Shift in the Strategy of the Organization
  • Implement and Integrate 4 Critical Components to Leverage Maximum Power

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