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Collaboration is the key to leveraging power in the digital age yet many executive struggle to leverage the most power from their meetings.   Murfield International, Inc.  We provide facilitation for one time or recurring strategic planning sessions, strategic alliance groups, corporate retreats, and mastermind groups. 

We are:

  • Determined to provide neutral and unbiased perspectives.BendtheLight
  • Developed high-level thinkers who value the difference between strategic, operational and tactical approaches.
  • Educated in deconstructing the stories to expose the hidden opportunities.
  • Gifted in posing the provocative questions at the appropriate time.
  • Experienced in tapping the latent energy in individuals and groups.
  • Committed to Unleashing the Ultimate performance, production, and profit through facilitation.
  • Seasoned in resolving conflict in a productive manner.
  • Familiar with many different industries, settings, and approaches
  • Available for free initial consultation

How are we different?

  • Leveraging leadership power is our focus, mission, and passion.
  • Everything Murfield International, Inc. does is based on successful collaboration.
  • Murfield International, Inc. customizes every session to facilitate the client’s ultimate success.
  • Murfield International, Inc. is committed to creating revolutionary transformation.  We are not content with ordinary results.  In the world of radical and rapid change, we help clients think bigger, dig deeper, and expand perspectives to work faster and do what followers and critics claim is impossible.
  • We have run a Mastermind for Radical Change since 2014. Check it out. 

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