DisruptiveLeadersShocktheWorldscaledNever before has there been such a demand for disruptive leaders.  There is no time for replication.  Every organization needs employees who can innovate what is better, faster or cheaper.  Replicating past success isn’t enough in this modern age of rapid and radical change.  That means failing to disrupt ensures becoming ordinary, replaceable and invisible – the sure mark of a quick demise. Make no mistake, organizations need disruptive leaders.

At the same time, the world of automation is rapidly displacing individual workers, demanding that they disrupt their own status quo, reaching far beyond what they know as comfortable, predictable or safe.  Without becoming the disruptive leader of their own careers, they too will be obsolete, ordinary and out of work. 

In this provocative presentation, executives, managers and front line personnel are challenged to adapt the vision, mindset, method and action to strategically go beyond simple change to leading organizational transformation, creating a revolutionary transformation that leads to a difference making status.20160620_073459

Upon completion of the presentation, professionals will be equipped to:

  • Assess the strategic opportunities to disrupt inside and outside your organization in a dynamic world of change.
  • Articulate the 3 Dimensional Approach of Leveraging Power to Executives, Managers and Front Line Personnel
  • Implement and Integrate the 3 Dimensional Approach to Leverage Existing Power into Transformational Results

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“To thrive in today’s economy, we need every employee to be a disruptive leader.”

Dr. Loren Murfield

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