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New Release: The ROI of COMPASSION (2nd Edition) 

ROI of Compassion 2018

A major revision of the R.O.I. of Compassion addresses the question,Can Compassion Improve the Bottom Line?”

The answer is, “Absolutely!!!” In fact, being compassionate is the most profitable way to do business. While many believe just the opposite, we find that companies generate their best Return On Investment when they help employees cope during traumatic times that occur outside of the workplace. This book is written as both a resource manual and a strategic tool for Human Resource professionals, Managers, and Executives. Case studies from diverse situations, industries, and locations illustrate how employers help employees in all eight aspects of their personal lives, ultimately enhancing their bottom line. Companies report improved morale, loyalty, and production with reduced turnover and absenteeism.

Within these pages you will learn how companies helped employees cope during:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Terrorism
  • Terminal and Extended Illnesses
  • Extended Medical Leave
  • Suicide

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Coming this fall or early next spring.

Coming this fall or early next spring.

“Inside-Out: A parable of a little boy who wanted to do something great.” In my first parable, a little boy fights through individual doubt and the biases of others to do what he never thought possible.

Disrupting from the Inside Out” is an in-depth guide for any leader or follower who aspires to do something great but doubts themselves.

“Leading with the Power of Compassion” addresses how to lead disruptive teams by showing compassion at every level of the organization and in every business policy, practice, and procedure.

“The Legacy of Family Values: From the Moral Majority to Make America Great Again” is my first political book. It continues the work I did in my Ph.D. dissertation analyzing how a benign religious term of “family” became a political wedge term in the 1992 presidential campaign. Continuing through 1996 where “family” became “character” and 1998 where it became “morality” and then 2000 where it became “compassionate conservativism.” The last stop is “Make America Great Again.” This book is unique because it understands how the term is both effective and ineffective in legitimizing or villainizing policies and practices.

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