10 Minutes of Insanity” isn’t your typical autobiography.

This story is one that everyone needs to hear, read and follow.  It is Powerful, Insightful, Entertaining, Revealing and Educational.  It is so powerful that we are currently working on the screenplay. Stay tuned for updates. 
10-minutesWhile many biographies and especially autobiographies are written to brag about accomplishments or embellish one’s legacy, 10 Minutes of Insanity dares to go where others won’t, can’t or simply don’t.
Let me explain.
I first met the 1972 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers at the University of Nebraska when I was finishing my Ph.D.  I already knew of his spectacular feats on the gridiron but also a bit of his tarnished off the field reputation.  As I got to know him, I realized there was much more to Johnny than a typical sports hero.  I knew he had a very powerful story to tell and people needed to hear his story.
But Johnny wasn’t ready to tell that story.
We stayed in touch and every so often I would ask him about writing the book.   Finally, after 22 years, he was ready.  I started interviewing him and one story led to another and then to another.  As it unfolded, from age 3 through 22, I was mesmerized by not only what he accomplished but the challenges he overcame.  I was amazed by his crazy $100,000 dream.  But I was also wondering the same thing so many others were, why did he make that big mistake?  I soon found the answers and they were far beyond what I could have imagined.
I can say this confidently.  You will love this book.  You also need to read this book.
In this book you will find a story of a young man that overcame a variety of challenges
  • Health – He developed asthma and contracted tuberculous
  • Poverty – He spent his early days in a house without indoor plumbing or electricity.
  • Family Drama – His mother was 14 when he was born and tensions grew once his stepfather entered the picture – to the point of running away.
  • Generational Differences – No one understood his crazy $100,00 dream.  They just wanted him to get a job in the trades.  They couldn’t see a future in sports.
  • A Stupid Mistake – Just when he was on the cusp of seeing his crazy dream come true, he pulled a prank he would regret for the rest of his life.  How could he ever overcome it?

Sports fan will enjoy reading about what it takes to build a dynasty.  Aspiring athletes and seasoned business owners will appreciate the story as well.  Parents, Coaches and Teachers will find value in

  • How  Championship Coaches creates Winners,
  • Lessons Learned at every stage,
  • How one mistake ruins a dream, and
  • Why you never, ever quit.
I am privileged to have written this book in collaboration with Johnny.  But I recommend it because the story is so compelling.  I know that you will learn something in this book that will help you overcome seemingly impossible odds – or to help you avoid making a big mistake.
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