Murfield Coaching works to solve significant problems in the areas of Employee Disengagement, Employee Trauma and Disruptive Innovation. The core of our research focuses on compassion, communication, and opportunity. We utilize this research to bring our clients the most valuable data to help them make the best choices to alleviate current and future problems while seizing the best business opportunities.

Employee Disengagement

Gallup’s State of the American Workforce reports that only 30% of workers are fully engaged. Gallup states this is not just a problem but a crisis because disengaged employees cost companies $450-550 billion annually.

Murfield Coaching researches employee pain. We believe that disengagement comes from some type of physical, emotional, career, financial or other type of pain. This pain may range from very mild to very severe. We are particularly interested in the pain of caused from leaders failing to recognize the unique value of an employee.

Dr. Murfield’s M.A. and Ph.D. research examines the emotional power of language to create and destroy. We are currently compiling a multidisciplinary literature review of the existing neuroscience research into the power of language and compassion to create or relieve workplace pain.

Employee Trauma

Every day there are employees who suffer trauma outside of the workplace. We began collecting case studies in 2009 for The ROI of Compassion. We continue to collect case studies of how organizations worked with their employees and their families in traumatic events. These include: mass shootings, natural disasters, suicide, murder, extended illness.

We are committed to collaborative research, helping to identify the problems, develop the best treatments and building a collective voice. Please contact us if you are a collaborative researcher.

Disruptive Innovation

We are rapidly approaching radical changes in our world. Murfield Coaching is continually gathering cutting-edge knowledge and statistics that alert us to the changes and how to mitigate the damages. We follow approximately 15 trends and several thought leaders. In the research we have identified several opportunities for exponential growth.

We speak locally, statewide, nationally and internationally in person and virtually to share our research and recommendations. Contact us today.