What if I told you that Your Biggest Failure Could Lead to Your Ultimate Success?

In this post, we detail a real situation and how it led to doing what everyone hadn’t considered as possible. Imagine how you will feel knowing that what you currently consider the worst case scenario could be the tipping point to your ultimate breakthrough. Won’t that feel great? Read More

What does it take to Become a Disruptive Leader?

I have studied disruptive leaders carefully for three decades.  I have found they have 9 critically important characteristics.  How many do you have? #1.  Radical Vision Radical Change Leaders have a vision far beyond the short-term, ordinary approach.  They not only think a little better, faster or cheaper but dramatically different.  Often this leader disrupts… Read More

7 Compelling Quotes to Inspire Radical Change

Here are seven of my favorite quotes about change from some pretty impressive individuals.  But don’t just read the quote, answer the question to begin thinking of how you can be the one who makes the important changes. 1.  It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the… Read More

Where Do we Start to be Disruptive?

The future is driven by great leaders disrupting the status quo. They dream up new products and services that change the way we work and play but also how we see the world.  They disrupt industries and cultures and institutions with new technologies and approaches. They offer radical departures from best practices in management of… Read More