3 Reasons You are Fired

Ordinary Managers maintain the Status Quo. Ordinary Leaders create Incremental change when it is predictable, safe and comfortable.  Meanwhile, Disruptive Leaders purposely create Radical Change. Disruptive leaders create  something that is so valuable for their customers, employees and supporters that those followers never want to go back to the previous products, services and relationships.  No wonder… Read More

Are You as Bold as our Founding Fathers?

240 years ago a small gathering of men tried something ridiculous.  They didn’t know if it would work.  After all, many and tried and failed.  No one had succeeded – at least not in modern history. Many told them they were crazy to try.   “That idea is too bold.  Why not settle for a smaller… Read More

Which Leader of Radical Change do You Most Admire?

Who is your role model for creating radical change? Is it Amy Cuddy that gave one of the most watched TED Talks, focusing on developing your presence with body language? Or would it be Adam Grant, the author of “Originals:  How Nonconformists Move the World“? Or maybe you want to be like Angela Duckworth who left a high… Read More

What Exactly is Radical Change?

I focus a lot on Radical Change.  But what exactly do I mean? What is Radical Change? Radical change is a quantum leap from where we are to where we would really like to be.  It is not some small adjustment, a tweak here or there that takes away a small problem or allows marginal… Read More

Is Leading Radical Change Your Priority?

This magician mesmerized the audience with his card skills.  Small groups gathered around as he performed card tricks prior to the main event.  But he really astounded them an hour later as he remembered every single one of the 60 people’s names.  Many wondered aloud, “How do you do that?” They wanted to know the… Read More