7 Lessons from that Historic Breakthrough that we can use to Create Ours

This week we celebrate the Independence of the United States of America. The 1776 Declaration of Independence was historic because it replaced old world monarchies with the voice of the individual. Over 200 years later, their actions have inspired many others to do what would have otherwise been impossible. Read More

Are You Bold Enough to Lead Disruption?

How bold are you? Richard Branson is known for his bold approach to business.  He is willing to tackle industry giants like British Airways and some of the world’s most devastating social problems.  He is known to say that he doesn’t enter into any business venture unless he can disrupt that industry. But the quote… Read More

Nike Had it Right – Just do It

Nike had it right. “Just Do It.” But many leaders don’t believe it.  They have too many reasons why they believe they need to wait.  We discussed that earlier this week.  But the waiting is over, the time is right and now we need to, “Just do it.” A Lesson from Writing One of the… Read More

Lesson #6: Are you Willing to Answer this one Critical Question?

“I wish I could do that.” “I would give anything for that success.” We hear those comments often – sometimes we say it ourselves.  We would love to be the ones doing the impossible but we are not.  Why? We have more opportunities at our fingertips than at any time in the history of the… Read More