I did what others said was Impossible. How did I do it?

Those that follow this blog and Murfield Coaching know that my purpose is to help individuals and organizations create their disruptive innovation, doing what many thought impossible. My post today is a personal example of what can happen when we apply these principles. http://www.murfieldcoaching.com Read More

Overcoming 10 Challenges When Working from Home

With the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown, many are suddenly working remotely, creating a virtual office for the first time. That creates problems for both management and staff. In this post, we discuss the ten challenges to overcome working remotely. Read More

3 Simple Things we can Do to See Disruptive Opportunities

  We have all been there. It might have been a favorite stock or piece of property. It might have been a job offer or chance to start a business. For one reason or another, we passed on the opportunity or didn’t see it until it was too late. Now we wished we could turn… Read More

What is the Leadership Power of the Future?

What will the world look like in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? As a Visionary Facilitator, I’m paid to help people forecast the future. That doesn’t mean I have any divining skills or telepathic connection. It does mean that I track the trends and help my clients forecast both the opportunities and threats of… Read More

Can you Answer these 5 Questions to Energize your Breakthrough?

Do you have the energy to break through? Many claim they don’t have the time or energy to breakthrough.  They are too tired, exhausted from the daily grind of putting out fires.  However, disruptive leaders know what is important and purposely direct the needed energy to the project. This is the sixth article in a series… Read More