Are You Surprised? 3 Reasons Why Compassion Leads to Disruption

Do you remember a time when you changed vendors because they understood your needs better.  The old provider never seemed to get it quite right, failing to listen to what you said you needed.  They seemed to care more about what was easiest for them than serving you as a customer.  But then you found… Read More

9 Problems Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton teach us about Leadership

Are you already sick of the campaign?  Do you really want to hear anything more about Donald or Hillary?  Or have you disengaged. Unfortunately many of our employees feel the same way about the leadership in our organizations.  A 2015 Gallup Poll revealed that just 13% worldwide were engaged at work.  In other words, they… Read More

Which Leader of Radical Change do You Most Admire?

Who is your role model for creating radical change? Is it Amy Cuddy that gave one of the most watched TED Talks, focusing on developing your presence with body language? Or would it be Adam Grant, the author of “Originals:  How Nonconformists Move the World“? Or maybe you want to be like Angela Duckworth who left a high… Read More

I know it is difficult – 3 Secrets to Waiting Patiently

Making a radical change is often so exciting that it is hard to wait for the perfect time to take the action.  Even as savvy business leaders, we are tempted to act too quickly causing three problems – we either execute the right action too soon, take the wrong  action because we are too impatient… Read More

Why Should You Wait to Make the Radical Change?

If you are like me, you like playing much more than you do waiting. In business, we love to get into the action and hate sitting and waiting for someone else to get done playing. We have a great idea and cannot wait to make it happen. We live in an impatient world, demanding immediate… Read More