Are You Surprised? 3 Reasons Why Compassion Leads to Disruption

Do you remember a time when you changed vendors because they understood your needs better.  The old provider never seemed to get it quite right, failing to listen to what you said you needed.  They seemed to care more about what was easiest for them than serving you as a customer.  But then you found… Read More

What is Your Formula to Disrupt?

What does it take to disrupt?   I’ve been researching this for over a decade and found that there is a formula to follow.  It starts on the personal level, inside the mind and heart of the leader.  If the leader does not have a dream that becomes a clear vision, there will be no… Read More

5 Essential Actions Disruptive Leaders Take in Traumatic Situations

Sunday we commemorate the September 11 terrorist attacks that took the lives of over 3000 people and shattered the lives of thousands more.  The entire country has been shaped by the events of that tragic day. How can we as leaders disrupt that trauma?  How can we step forward and help others change their lives… Read More

7 Questions to Ask Yourself in Building a Strong Team

Radical change doesn’t just happen.  It takes a wise leader leveraging their power to build a strong team. Here are 7 questions that might just make the difference between a disengaged team and one that consistently does what seemed impossible #1:  What percentage of my workforce is engaged? Do you realize who votes in presidential elections?… Read More

3 Questions Disengaged Employees Ask that Prevent Leaders from Creating Radical Change

Why don’t more employee care about their work? Employee engagement is a red hot topic in today’s business world in no small part because  management and leaders are finally accepting the facts.  Last year Gallup reported that 72% of workers were disengaged to some degree. Seeing those numbers, is there any question why so many leaders… Read More