8 Critical Reasons Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail – and How You can Make Yours Successful

What is your New Year’s Resolution? You know the question is coming.  You will be at some party or in a casual conversation when someone will ask that popular question. How will you answer?  You will probably answer like most.  Most will focus on their personal lives, resolving to lose weight, exercise more or drink… Read More

3 Reasons Why Target Leadership will Fail

“We do not make these decisions lightly.”  That was the message that everyone calling the corporate office heard.  But no one believed them.  Why? Recently the Target Corporation announced the closing of 12 stores.  In their press release, they blamed declining profits for the stores.  Those are critical criteria for any corporation but they don’t… Read More

Do You Still Dare to Disrupt After the Failure?

The unthinkable happened.  The project failed.  What do you do now?  Do you play it safe or do you still take the risk and pursue what critics claim is “impossible” ? Failure often makes disruptive leaders take a step back, recoiling from the sting of disaster, defeat and embarrassment.  They once had bold dreams and… Read More