Where’s the Leadership?

As an executive coach, author, and podcast host, my mission in Murfield Coaching is to help solve significant and often persistent problems. I help people think bigger and reach higher to do what they may not have thought possible. Part of that work requires asking the difficult and uncomfortable question. Today I ask that question about the pandemic and racial unrest, “Where is the leadership?” and “What can you do to step into that leadership?” Read More

STOP! It might be the best strategy for disruption.

Is what you are doing working? If not, why don’t you stop? Those that follow me know I’ve been writing about disruptive innovation for some time. They have also noticed I haven’t posted in about a month. Why? I needed a disruption. I was trying to do something that wasn’t working the way I wanted.… Read More

5 Steps to Ensure Your Value as a Disruptive Leader is not Invisible

None of us wants to be invisible in times of opportunity.  But many of us make it easy for others to ignore, overlook or dismiss our value as a disruptive leader. How can we change that?     Here are 5 steps that will help you leverage your power to disrupt your own life while creating… Read More

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Use a Ghost Writer for Your Blog?

Would you like to produce a weekly blog but are not a good writer?  Would you like to have a better blog?  Maybe it is time to make a radical change and hire a ghostwriter. Some ghostwriters simply write content for you.  Others make you look good by putting your ideas into print.  But the best… Read More